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Amp up the Wow-Factor of your Modern Wall Wine Rack Display with Lighting!

Wine pegs have long-served as top choice for modern wine storage displays and wine walls. They are versatile with various mounting hardware options, come in 3 different depths and multiple finish colours. You can now even purchase them as kits with wall-panels included for DIY installation. But it doesn't end there...

Take your modern wine wall display to the next level by adding LED lighting!

This is easier than you may think. When installing wine pegs on panels (such as our VINdustry wine pegs and panel kits), panels can be mounted to slightly smaller plywood standoff panels with LED strip lighting around the perimeter. By affixing the LED strip lighting to the smaller standoff panel, this hides the strip from view while still allowing the light to emanate beyond the edge of your visible, finished panel.

LED lighting strip around perimeter of standoff wall panel
Above: LED lighting strip around edge of smaller standoff panel.

Let's Get Started with Sizing your Standoff Panel

Standoff panels are essentially invisible so an unfinished plywood or high density MDF material is sufficient. Simply cut the standoff panel to a size 1 - 1/4" narrower and shorter than your finished display panel.

How to Size your Standoff Panel

Install Your Standoff Panel & Lighting Channel

Once you've cut your standoff panel(s) to size, install it on the wall and affix LED lighting channel around the perimeter. Note: you do not necessarily have to use channel to house your LED strip lighting. This will allow for adding diffusers for a softer lighting effect, rather than seeing light spots from the individual diodes of a strip light that is not masked by a diffuser.

Installing the standoff panel and lighting channel

Install Your LED Lighting Strip and Mount Your Finished Panel with Pegs

Affix your LED lighting strip around the standoff panel and then it's time to mount your finished panel to the standoff, just as you would directly to the wall. That's it!

Mount your LED Lighting and Finished Panel

A couple extra tips and notes for your modern wall wine rack with lighting:

Always use LED lighting. LED lighting will not emit heat which can negatively affect your wine.

VINdustry wine pegs and panel kits are designed as a two layer system. This allows installers to easily screw the back panel to the wall or standoff panel and then cover with a face plate so you don't see the mounting screws. If you are using a single layer finished panel, we recommend using Z-clips or French cleats to mount your finished panel to your standoff panel so there are no visible fasteners.

Plan ahead and ensure you've got an electrical connection available to power your lights. This electrical work is usually best completed before you install your panels and lighting. LED light strips have a relatively low electrical draw and it should be an easy task for your electrician to provide a two-wire connection.

LED lighting strips come in a variety of colour temperatures and even in an RGB format to allow for unique lighting colours and displays. Check out this video of a custom display using colour-changing LED lights:


Now you've got a beautifully lit modern wall wine rack display. Time to fill with wine and admire!

Your finished modern wine rack masterpiece!