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Introducing a wine racking system guaranteed to show your bottles in the best light. The MP Lighting ultra-modern wine rack has a sleek metal design with integrated LED lighting.

MP Lighting Wine Racking Configurations

This wine racking system is made-to-order so bottle spacing and column height are customizable.

Choose from a label forward or neck forward orientation and 1 or 2 bottles wide/deep:

Showing Label Forward Configuration with 3 bottles on the stand Showing Neck Forward Configuration with 3 bottles on the stand
Label Forward Configuration
(1 bottle deep on top, 2 bottles deep on bottom)
Neck Forward Configuration
(1 bottle wide on top, 2 bottles wide on bottom)

Wine Racking Finish Colour

The standard finish for this wine racking system is a black anodized aluminum with a black rubber cover on the face of the vertical mounting rail.

Wine Racking Lighting Details

Each arm of the MP Lighting wine racking system has a 1 Watt LED light built-in to the underside to shine down onto the bottle(s) on the arm below (with exception of the bottom arm with no bottle(s) below). Transformers will be required and usually amount to one per column of racking.

Shrouds can be ordered for the lighting to reduce glare and focus the light more directly on the bottle(s):

Full Shroud with light on
Half Shroud with light on
Full Shroud
Controls glare and focuses light more directly on bottle(s)
Half Shroud
Controls glare and directs light backward


Installation Options for the MP Lighting Wine Rack System

Showing a neck forward installation in stone wall in elegant house.

Racking can mount directly to the wall or from floor to ceiling.

For wall-mounted applications you will require a flat surface with solid backing.

For floor-to-ceiling mounted applications, additional mounting brackets are required and the maximum vertical span is 8 feet.

Keep in mind that wiring for the lighting is hidden within the vertical mounting rail so for floor-to-ceiling installations, wiring will need to come through the floor or ceiling. Wall-mounted installations will require wiring to come through the wall.

Designing your Wine Cellar or Wine Display with the MP Lighting System

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers complimentary design services for the MP Lighting wine racking system. Simply provide your room dimensions and racking preferences and we will produce a scaled, 3D drawing. Contact us to get started!

Still in the early stages of design and unsure of your measurements? General guidelines for spacing of columns is to allow a minimum of 13″ in width. Typical vertical spacing between bottles is 12″.