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Here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.


How long will it take to receive my order?

We sell a variety of wine racking and wine cellar-related products. Some ship from our location in North Vancouver, Canada, while others ship from other locations in Canada or the US. The product(s) you ordered, and your shipping address will determine where your order ships from and how long it may take to prepare/ship.

Note that some products are in-stock while others are made-to-order.

Please refer to the “Shipping Information” tab for your specific product(s) for more information. Please note that if you ordered a combination of different items, you may receive them by separate shipments, depending on the specific product shipping details.

I live outside of Canada or the Continental USA - can I still order from you?

Yes! Many of our wine racking products can be shipped anywhere in the world! Outside of Canada and the USA, racking orders are shipped by DHL courier. You will be able to add items to your shopping cart, provide your address and a shipping cost will be provided prior to check out. Please note that we are unaware of any duties or taxes that may be imposed when you import the products and these are not included in the shipping cost charged with your order. Any additional fees will be billed to you directly by DHL and must be paid prior to delivery. We regret we cannot accept returns for product shipped outside of Canada and the USA.

Warranty & Returns 

I have discovered damage or missing items from my order .

We encourage all customers to inspect their shipments as quickly as possible after receiving their delivery. We realize you may be ordering product well in advance of being ready to install it, but it is very important to review your shipment upon delivery so that you may make a warranty claim, if necessary. Please report any damaged or missing items to us via our warranty claims and return form within 3 weeks of receiving your delivery. We regret that we cannot address claims for missing or damaged pieces after the 3-week review period. 

What is your product warranty for online orders? 

This varies by product. Please consult the warranty section on each product page for specifics. 

What is your warranty for custom projects or orders? 

Blue Grouse warranties all workmanship and materials for one year from installation; however, some racking systems and cooling units installed may have a longer manufacturer’s warranty. Rest assured, we stand behind our work and product supplied and will always be available to you to address issues either in or out of warranty for as long as you own your cellar.

Please note that if you special order an item, we guarantee delivery without damage. If you happen to receive a damaged product, please let us know as soon as possible. Any damaged items reported within 3 weeks will be replaced at no additional cost to you. Note that we do not accept custom order cancellations on the basis of damages where product can be replaced.

Help! I accidentally ordered the wrong thing.

Take a deep breath and then contact us to let us know what happened. So long as your order has not yet been shipped or put into production (for made-to-order items) we will happily cancel and refund your order.

We do not handle exchanges; instead, place a new order for the correct item(s). If your order has already shipped or been put into production, please refer to our warranty claims and returns page.

Please note that we cannot accept returns for orders shipped outside of Canada and the USA.


I have received a quotation for a custom project, how long is it valid for?  

Generally speaking, 30 days. Occasionally, there may be a product included within your quotation that is subject to a pricing change sooner than 30 days but this will be specifically drawn to your attention. Keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily mean your pricing will change after 30 days but we will need to review after 30 days and confirm if there are any price changes.

The price of a product I was reviewing has changed, can I still get the old price? 

Once the price of a product has been updated online, it must be purchased at that price. Note that some products on our website convert dynamically from US dollars to Canadian dollars based on a live exchange rate which can cause minor fluctuations in pricing from day to day.

Do you ever have sales?

Sometimes, but not often and only on certain products. If you do see a product on sale and you’re sure you want it, don’t delay! It’s unlikely to be on sale again soon. Note that we often advise about sales through our newsletter so sign up and be in the know.

Is your pricing in USD or Canadian dollars?

We offer all products for sale in Canadian or US dollars. Please select your country’s currency through the website.

We require that all orders shipping to Canadian addresses be charged in Canadian dollars and orders shipping to US addresses be charged in US dollars. For orders shipping outside of Canada or the USA, they will be charged in USD.

A select number or items may only be available to customers in Canada (this will be posted on the specific product listing). We reserve the right to cancel any orders placed in the incorrect currency.

I placed an order but nothing has gone through on my credit card - is everything okay?

If you received an order confirmation email, your order was successfully submitted. It may take up to 10 days before the charge goes through on your credit card as only a temporary authorization happens immediately.


What forms of payment do you accept?

All online orders can be paid by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or Apple/Google Pay. Canadian customers must pay in Canadian dollars and US customers must pay in US dollars. Customers outside of Canada and the USA will be charged in USD.

Note that manually processed custom orders may have different payment options, including cheque and wire transfer.

What are your payment policies for custom wine cellar projects where Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is installing for me? 

We require a 50% deposit payment to confirm your project. The balance will be due upon completion of your installation. 

Design & Installation 

What areas are you able to provide on-site consultations and installations for? 

Our office is based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. We can typically attend projects in person in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area and with special arrangement as far north as Whistler and as far east as Chilliwack. Depending on the size and scope of your project, services may also be arranged in other parts of Canada. We regret that we cannot provide installation services outside of Canada. For long distance projects we can provide complete design and consultation services along with supplying wine racking and cooling equipment. We do this successfully with clients all across North America. Please schedule a complementary consultation to get started!

Can you recommend an installer in my area?

Occasionally we can but will only do so if we have reasonable familiarity with the applicable installer. Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of products we offer and areas that we ship to, we are often without enough experience working with specific installers to feel confident in making a referral. We would encourage you to review the difficulty level of the wine racking or cooling system you are purchasing with one of our consultants though. They will be able to provide a recommendation on the type of installer required or specific skill set to look for. 

I'd like help designing my wine cellar - do you offer this service?

Of course! Our wine cellar design team can help with anything from a small modular wine racking layout to an elaborate custom cellar. Note that a design fee is required and is at least partially refundable against a future purchase. Start by scheduling a wine cellar design consultation to review the scope of work. From there, your designer will advise about fees and timelines for design services, based on your requirements. 

How many wine racks will fit in my space?

The dimensions and storage capacity of each wine rack is included on the product listing. You may also find that checking out our wine rack inspiration gallery will give you an idea of what looks good in certain spaces. Oftentimes, this is enough information for laying out a wine wall or wine cellar. Other times, you may need some assistance or even some design work to choose the right product(s). Please feel free to schedule a design consultation with one of our specialists.

I don't see the specific wine racks I'm looking for. Do you have any other options?

Yes, we do! Most of our standard wine racks are available for purchase online. If you don’t see what you need within those options, we also offer some custom wine racking solutions.

Please book a consultation with one of our specialists to review your needs.

Climate Control

What is the recommended wine storage temperature?

All wine (red, white, sparking, etc) should be stored between 55 – 60°F. The most important consideration for wine storage temperature is consistency. Fluctuation in temperature contributes to expansion and contraction of corks and therefore, oxidization of wine.

Which factors, other than temperature, are key for proper wine storage?

A relative humidity level of 50 – 75% is ideal. Low light and a vibration-free environment are also recommended.

Wine bottles should always be laying down or necks only slightly elevated so that wine stays in contact with the cork.

Do I really need to worry about climate-control for my small/inexpensive wine collection?

The cost and effort to provide proper climate-controlled conditions for your wine is a question of value and risk tolerance.

For example, if the cost of renovating a room to install insulation and vapour barrier plus the cost of the cooling system and installation is much higher than the value of the wine you intend to store over time, this may be something to think about. Also, if your collection is small and quickly consumed, the risk of spoilage is lower than bottles stored longer term. 

Keep in mind, as an alternative to building a climate-controlled wine cellar, wine fridges are a more budget-friendly, plug-and-play solution.

How do I know what cooling unit is right for my cellar?

Submit a thermal load calculation request for help accurately sizing a wine cellar cooling unit.

Feel free to book a complementary consultation to discuss your project further and specifically which type or configuration of unit will make the most sense for you. It is important that both the capacity and configuration of the unit you select is right for your specific wine cellar.

Under-sizing or improperly installing a cooling unit will mean your cellar is not sufficiently cooled, may damage the equipment and will void the warranty.

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