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Floor to Ceiling Wine Racks - Get Creative With Wall Treatments!

Mounting your wine racks to the wall is not always an option. Brick, tile or other uneven or fragile surfaces require you to get creative. That’s where floor to ceiling wine racks come in, allowing you to float your bottles just off the wall. Avoid sacrificing your beautiful wall treatment or even glass walls while keeping your capacity amped up!

Floor to Ceiling Wine Racks in a Glass Wine Cellar

Choose from a Variety of Materials & Finishes

Choose from a large and unique variety of wine racks in varied materials: metal, wood, aluminum, glass and more. A variety of different finishes further allow you to complement your décor. Stick with a classic matte black for an understated look or crank up the wow-factor with metallics. Below, let's explore 3 popular floor to ceiling mounted wine rack systems.

Millesime Floor to Ceiling Wine Racks

Millesime Floor and Ceiling Mounted Wine Rack

Millesime offers a beautiful and elegant way to store your wine, coming in a wide range of styles and finishes. Go with the minimal and elegant streamline wine racks for simpler wine racking or get more creative with display racks, even adding bulk bins.

Millesime wine racks combine wood and aluminum, making them a good match for both modern and traditional spaces. Rich walnut end blocks can be finished in a clear or black lacquer, or choose clear acrylic end blocks for more contemporary spaces. Aluminum components can be clear anodized or black anodized.

Streamline wine racks will display your bottle labels front and centre. Millesime U-Shelf and Display wine racks offer wooden boxes for bulk wine storage. The Showcase racks flip bottles to present them at an angle, much how a sommelier would present a bottle of wine to you.

How do Millesime wine racks mount floor to ceiling?

All Millesime wine racks are built on a vertical post system. The base of each post mounts into the floor and the top of each post either mounts into the ceiling or can tie back to the wall with L-shaped brackets. Other than the wall brackets (if that is your choice), nothing penetrates the wall, allowing you to get creative with different wall treatments like tile or stone. Although backing is recommended for the top mounting points, the weight of this system is carried by the floor. This is one floor to ceiling mounted wine racking system that can be installed in a finished space where special backing preparations were not made  as drywall anchors will suffice.

The High-Tension Floor to Ceiling Mounted Float Wine Display System     

The Float cable and glass wine racking system is a minimal and elegant solution
Floor to ceiling mount cable wine rack
for storing and displaying your wine. Using ultra strong steel cables, and glass cradles, you can customize your float wine display in a variety of ways. Purchase kits for pre-set storage capacities or customize your order to achieve more specific storage needs.

The original Float light finish consists of satin chrome hardware and clear glass cradles. This is great for more airy spaces where you want your wine racking to disappear as much as possible. The newer Float dark finish pairs matte black hardware and light grey glass to make a bolder design statement.

How is the Float floor to ceiling wine display system installed?

The Float floor to ceiling wine display system is easy to install but does require appropriate backing in the floor and ceiling to properly support the weight of your wine bottles and tension on the cables.  Each column consists of 4 high tension steel cables that can be shortened to any length below 12 feet to suit ceiling heights up to 12 feet. Each glass cradle comes with 4 strong metal clips to make sure the glass cradles are held firmly in place. Bottles can then be spaced on the cables however you like. Combine multiple columns or kits to create a more extensive floating wine wall or room divider, the sky's the limit!

Floor to Ceiling Mounted VintageView Wine Racks

Vintage View Floor to Ceiling Mounted Wine Racking System
For those who want a more simple, chic, and contemporary design, VintageView W series wine racks are the perfect match. Mounting the racks onto floor and ceiling frames allows them to float off the wall.

Choose from the minimalist matte black or more luxurious brushed nickel, chrome luxe, gunmetal luxe or golden bronze luxe finishes. Luxe finishes include machine rounded tips and plated caps, covers and couplers. These wine racks will transform any space into a striking display for your wine collection.

Flexible Sizing & Storage Capacity

VintageView W series wine racks come in various heights and depths. Multiple racks can be mounted to a single floor to ceiling frame, depending on your storage and aesthetic requirements. Go with single bottle depth for smaller collections or amp up to 2 or 3 bottles deep for maximized capacity. This allows even the tightest of spaces to store and display significant wine collections.