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Label View Wine Racking & Why It’s Not Just For Show

Traditional wine cellars of years gone by were always stashed away in secret basement rooms with low lighting, slotted wood wine racking and nary a design feature to be found. Fast forward to present day where form meets function with bottles both stored properly AND displayed beautifully.

Label View Wine Pegs

Label view wine racking has taken the wine cellar industry by storm. Not only does it display bottles in an attractive way but it meets many practical concerns as well.

Find What You’re Looking For

With wine bottle labels in easy view, label forward wine racks make finding a specific bottle much faster than if it was stored in more traditional cork forward, slotted wine racking.

Avoid Disturbing Wine

With label view wine racking, looking for a bottle requires your eyes only. No more pulling bottles out of slots and disturbing sediment to discover what’s there.

Limit Warm Air Entering your Wine Cellar

For those who have wine cellars with glass, this combined with label view wine racking means you can see what you have stored, without opening the doors and allowing warm air to enter. Limiting temperature fluctuations is great for your wine and easier on your wine cellar cooling unit.

Keep up your Capacity

When discussing label view wine racking, a common concern is that by flipping the bottles to sit parallel with the wall, you won’t fit nearly as many in your space as with a traditional cork-forward wine rack system. This is true with single bottle deep wine racks but most label view systems allow you to store bottles up to 3 deep. 3 bottle deep label view wine racks this provides a similar storage capacity to traditional slotted wine racks. We recommend storing the same bottles together so you still enjoy the ease of locating bottles without disturbing them.

What About Wood Cases & Bulk Wine Storage?

Most label view wine racking is not going to accommodate your wood cases or bulk stacked wine bottles; however, most label view systems combine beautifully with more traditional wine racks for bulk wine and case storage. Label view racks typically mount to the wall and can start as far up as you like, allowing you to install other racks beneath. Some of our clients also choose to leave a gap from the floor to where their label forward wine racks start so they can slide wood cases just beneath.

Label View Wine Racks Combine Well With Case and Bulk Wine Storage

Want to have it all in a single wine racking system? Check out Millesime U-shelf wine racks for a combination of label view wine display and case/bulk wine storage.

Millesime U Shelfs Beneath Label View Wine Racks

What about Large Format Wine Bottles?

Many label view wine racking systems are designed for bottle size flexibility or have wine racks on offer to specifically accommodate Champagnes, magnums or even 3 – 6 litre bottles! The Vintage View racking system has a variety of large format racks, whereas the Float cable wine system can easily accommodate either standard 750ml or 1.5 L Magnum bottles on the same cradles. Single bottle deep wine pegs can accommodate up to Magnum bottles and double deep Vino Pins can be purchased with a spacer to accommodate 2 Magnum bottles on a single pair of pins.

Need Help Designing a Wine Cellar or Wine Display Layout with Label View Wine Racks? Contact us to discuss your project and get assistance with design and product specification.