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Project Feature: A Residential Art Gallery Space Featuring the Float Wine Display System

Wine as Art in this Residential Float Wine Display Installation

This is not your average wine cellar! Not only does this space provide storage for the owners' wine collection, but the wine is displayed alongside unique artwork in this West Vancouver, Canada home. This residential space functions duly as an art gallery, featuring impressive works by Canadian artists and as wine storage and display for a few hundred bottles. 

High-End Design, Local Focus

Bottles Floating in Air on the Float Wine Display System

Our meticulous, art-aficionado clients in West Vancouver were inspired to combine their gallery space with wine storage when they discovered the Float wine display system. This minimalist system is as much about storing their wine as creating a unique display feature. Their appreciation for shopping local was also reflected in the glass cradles of the Float wine display system which are fabricated in British Columbia, Canada.

Wine Display Layout & Design

Each column of Float wine racking holds and displays only 5 bottles of wine, alternating between label view or cork view orientation. The "Float Light" finish of satin chrome hardware and clear glass was selected to blend seamlessly with their concrete wall and grey pebbled floor design. 

Columns of Float wine racking are liberally spaced on the wall as well, really creating the appearance of bottles floating on air. Each cable is securely fastened to the floor and ceiling using appropriate screws/anchors for concrete where necessary. This is key when installing the Float wine display system as cables are high-tension and carry the weight of multiple bottles of wine.

Lighting and Climate-Control

Eurocave Wine Cabinets in Art Gallery and Wine Cellar

Dimmable LED room and accent lighting was installed for maximum efficiency, but more importantly, to limit any heat-producing elements in the room which could negatively impact their wine. In addition to a desirable layout from an aesthetic perspective, fewer bottles of wine on the cables was chosen because the gallery space would not be climate-controlled like a typical wine cellar. Within this space though, the owners also incorporated a couple of Eurocave wine cabinets to keep more premium wines stored longer-term in proper climate-controlled conditions. Many of the bottles on display in the Float wine racking are empty and simply for show. Any full bottles are those they plan to consume in the near future and are typically of lesser value.

Feeling Inspired?

Create your own unique layout with the Float wine display system! Check out our Float wine racking gallery to see other installations and applications of this product. Need help designing your layout? Schedule a complementary design consultation with one of our specialists.