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Vino Series & VINdustry Wine Pegs - Minimalistic Beauty

Looking for a modern, contemporary wine storage solution? VINdustry & Vino series wine pegs are just what you need. The style and nature of this type of wine racking is perfect for both tight spaces or large cellars, giving your wine storage display a beautiful and minimalist look.

Wine Pegs Mounted to Drywall

Minimal and Beautifully Styled Wine Pegs

A beautifully simple way to store your wine, wine pegs provide an inexpensive yet stylish solution for all your wine storage needs.

Choose your Orientation
Wine pegs come in both label forward and cork forward styles. Cork forward allows for maximized capacity when bottles are placed tightly together. Label forward wine pegs can store one, two or three standard 750ml wine bottles per pair. Choose 3 bottles deep for higher capacity and single bottle depth for more minimal displays. Label forward wine pegs are most popular for not only showing off the beautiful labels but also help locate a specific bottle more easily within larger wine displays.

Security & Stability in Wine Storage
VINdustry wine pegs can provide storage solutions for any scenario you can think of, with grooves and rubber grips on the black anodized & milled aluminum finishes. These wine pegs are designed to make sure your bottles stay in place while showing off your bottles and letting them take centre stage.

Get Fancy with Your Wine Peg Finishes
VINdustry wine pegs come in 3 high end finishes: restrained black anodized, contemporary milled aluminum and a beautiful satin gold. Vino Pins and Vino Rails also come in matte black, gloss black, gunmetal and golden bronze, for those looking for a unique finish. Make your display pop with a shimmer of gold or have a more restrained classical approach with one of the black finishes.

Wine Pegs Offer Limitless Capacity

Store as many wine bottles as you want with wine pegs. Purchase a few sets for a small accent display in your living room. For those with larger wine collections, rack an entire wall or wine cellar with VINdustry or Vino Series wine pegs. Pegs are individually placed so can be spaced tightly to maximize capacity or more liberally for leaner displays.

Various Mounting Techniques for Wine Pegs

Wine pegs can be mounted to wood, through tile surfaces, into concrete, to a panel or even directly onto drywall.

Mounting Options for VINdustry Wine Pegs:

  • All wine pegs come standard with bolts that mount through the back side of a ¾” panel. This panel should be constructed from plywood of high density MDF. You need to mount your pegs to the panel and then mount the panel to the wall, usually with French cleats to avoid visible fasteners.
  • Wood anchor bolts are sold separately and come in three different lengths depending on if you’re mounting directly into a wood surface or if you need to go through tile or other flat wall cladding material before you hit the wood.
  • Masonry anchor bolts are sold separately and allow you to mount your VINdustry wine pegs into concrete.

Mounting Options for Vino Pins and Vino Rails:

  • All Vino Pins and Vino Rails come standard with wood anchor bolts. These bolts can accommodate up to ½” of cladding material on top of the wood they will anchor into.
  • Upgrade to drywall mounting anchors and add collars to your wine pegs to mount directly to drywall, without any plywood backing.
  • Upgrade to masonry mounting hardware for affixing your wine pegs to concrete.

Take All Wine Pegs Floor to Ceiling

Mounting posts and plates allow you to display your bottles on wine pegs from floor-to-ceiling. Mount bottles on any or all of the 4 sides of the post and space however you like.

Vino Pins Mounted on Floor to Ceiling Post

Spell it out with Wine Pegs

With your imagination as your limit, VINdustry wine pegs allow you to make any design on the wall you want. Create words, names, shapes or special designs. The patterns for arranging wine pegs are endless; just use your imagination!

The genius of wine pegs is they are not limited to a wine cellar. Want to store some wine in your kitchen or make a display in your den? Go for it! Due to the simplistic installation involved they can be mounted almost anywhere. Any small, cozy space can be turned into a beautiful wine display.