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Wall Mounted Wine Rack Options – From Simple and Budget-Friendly to Customized for Serious Collectors

Need to create a show stopping display without taking up too much space? Wall mounted wine racks may be the solution. Choose from a large selection of wall mounted wine rack designs from simple and minimalistic to more extravagant and customized. Wall mounted wine racks are typically easy to install, and often put your favourite labels front and centre. With wall mounted wine racking available in a variety of sizes and configurations, you can turn a small space or a barren basement into a fully stocked wine cellar!

VintageView Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Simple, elegant, chic, and minimalistic, VintageView W Series wall wine racks are the perfect companion for anyone looking for an inexpensive yet stylish way to store their wine.

VintageView wine racking puts your beautiful labels front and center. Not only is this desirable from an aesthetic perspective but it also makes finding a specific bottle much easier than with more traditional cork-forward wine racks.

Pick from a variety of styles and colours including matte black, natural aluminum, chrome, golden bronze and gunmetal. Once you’ve decided on a colour, determine if you will go 1, 2 or 3 bottles deep. Those with larger collections will likely opt for 3 bottles deep while those simply looking to create a beautiful display, not having a huge collection will go for 1 bottle deep.

Using backers with pre-drilled holes to mount the wine racks to the wall, installation is quick and easy. All hardware is supplied, even anchors for mounting to drywall if you don’t have wood backing. VintageView wine racks come in 3 feet & 4 feet tall and can be stacked on top of each other if you require more vertical storage for your wine bottles.

Wall Mounted Wine Racks by Vino Mode

Diagonal Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Vino Mode presents another great option if you’re looking for a wall mounted rack for your wine room or wine cellar. Vino Mode wine racks come in two different styles: a 7 bottle rack that displays bottles on a diagonal and a 10 bottle rack that stacks them vertically. Both wall mounted wine rack options display bottles label forward and in a single deep configuration only. The structure of this metal wall wine rack is very minimal and the matte black finish makes this a great addition to most modern and traditional homes.

Wall mounting of these wine racks is very straightforward; all you need is a drill and level. They can even be mounted to drywall without structural backing when drywall anchors are used.

Wall Mounted VINdustry Peg & Panel Kits

Wall Mounted Wine Rack - VINdustry Kit

A great option for wall mounted wine racks are VINdustry peg and panels kit. These kits allow you to choose between white or black glossy wall panels and then natural aluminum, black or satin gold wine pegs to mount into them.

VINdustry wine pegs and panel kits were designed with the DIY-er in mind. They are also extremely cost-effective when compared to custom wall cladding or panel fabrication. Anyone with a drill, level and a bit of patience can install these wall mounted wine rack panels.

Some will choose to purchase a single panel kit as an accent piece and others will combine kits to create more substantial displays or to rack an entire wine cellar. Using VINdustry pegs & panels you can create an amazing display with a wooden or metal surround and even light it up! Simply add LED strips to a smaller backing panel and watch your wine cellar sparkle.

Coming in both curved and straight designs, the panels can be arranged on any wall or in any wine room with a bit of simple measurement. The kit is very easy to install and comes with all the hardware needed. Just mount the MDF back panel directly to the wall, followed by the face panel and then screw in the wine pegs to hold it all together; it’s really that easy.

VINdustry Wine Pegs

Wall Mounted Wine Rack Pegs

Another great solution for wall mounted wine racks is VINdustry wine pegs. These pegs are a simple and elegant alternative to more traditional wall mounted wine racks. The pegs have an amazing cylindrical design and take up a very minimal footprint allowing you to place more pegs and store more bottles than more traditional wine racks.

Coming in at 1 deep, 2 deep & 3 deep as well as cork forward, VINdustry wine pegs are perfect for wine collections of all sizes. These high-end wine pegs come in three beautiful finishes: milled aluminum, black anodized and satin gold.

Installing VINdustry wine pegs is straightforward. Choose from 5 different types of mounting hardware. Affixing the pegs to a ¾” panel you will then mount onto the wall? Stick with standard bolts that fasten from the backside of the pre-drilled panel. Want to mount directly to a wall? Go with 40mm, 50mm or 70mm wood anchor bolts. The shorter bolts work well when mounting directly into wood, the longer bolts allow you to penetrate another material on top of the wood, before anchoring into the wood behind. Masonry anchor bolts allow you to mount directly into a concrete wall.