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20. All Heart Redwood Wine Cellar

Vancouver Large Wine Cellar Project with Natural All-heart Redwood & VintageView Racking

Shawn Li Project Vancouver Canada 3D Custom Wine Cellar Design

We have recently completed a wine cellar project in British Columbia.

3D Custom Wine Cellar Design

As a rule in every project, every little detail of the clients’ wine storage requirements and preferences are noted carefully to be able to get a picture of what they really want. One challenge here was that the owners and our installer (Sebastian Burzynski) spoke different languages. He communicated with the owners through the nanny, who translated.

The house to be renovated was old and the previous job of their wine cellar builder was not satisfactorily done, so we expected a lot of work. The desire of the owner was to have a simple, yet sufficient wine storage area and one that had the ideal storage conditions.

For every wine cellar we build, we ensure that functionality and aesthetics are both achieved. All our clients deserve the best from us.

Wine Cellar Construction

In a wine cellar, the right environment should be established. The ideal temperature is between 55-58 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level should range from 60-75%.

These conditions will prevent wine from excessive oxidation. To ensure that these conditions are met, we insulated the walls and installed a vapor barrier.

These two are important processes, especially for wine cellars that will be installed with a wine cooling system. Proper insulation and vapor barriers will protect wine from being ruined due to temperature fluctuations. Proper seal for the door is also important. This will prevent cool air from escaping out of the cellar.

In this project, we replaced the existing wine cellar door with an exterior grade glass door.

The concrete floor was not level, but we kept it that way. What we did was build level bases with scribed trim to provide a platform for the wooden wine racks.

This will allow the owner to install tiles or level the floor in the future without disturbing the wine racking. He may also opt to paint it without spending too much.

Traditional and Contemporary Wine Storage

Construction progress showing walls being framed

Our installer used modular wine cellar racking (with some modification) which is a more economical solution to custom wine racking. This helped keep the cost down without compromising the appeal of our client’s wine room.

Vancouver Canada Wood and Metal Wine Cellar Racks

The wine storage racks were made of natural all heart California redwood. This wood is beautiful, with reddish brown tones and no stain at all on the racking – the natural all heart redwood has a consistent colour which added tons of character to this stylish home wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada.

Uniquely designed, this wine cellar was also built with some VintageView metal wine racks finished in satin black. These metal wine racks were attached to the supporting framed column beams. The result of combining traditional and contemporary design was excellent.

Lighting and Climate Control System

Wine Cellar Lighting

The wine cellar lighting creates the mood that the collector wants in his Canada custom wine room. Our electrician chose track lighting which is a great option for highlighting particular vintages in your wine racks. It is also flexible, so the track heads can be moved easily to areas you on which you want focus.

Vancouver Canada Wine Cellar Lighting by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

The perfect cooling equipment for the size of our client’s room was the water cooled wine cellar cooling system from ONAM. Click here to view the different ONAM wine cooling units.

The homeowner was really impressed and satisfied with the craftsmanship and efforts of our team at Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. Whatever space, style, or budget that you have, we will create an impressive residential or commercial wine cellar for your favorite vintages. Contact us today at 1-888-400-2675.

Super Large Residential Canada Custom Wine Cellar Project Modular Wooden and VintageView Racking
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