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23. Custom Wood and Metal Wine Cellar by Vancouver...

Custom Sapele Wood and VintageView Wine Cellar in Vancouver

Built in an elegant mix of sapele wood & VintageView contemporary metal racking

Built in an elegant mix of sapele wood & VintageView contemporary metal racking, this contractor custom wine cellar project is a “must see”!

Failure to choose a knowledgeable wine cellar contractor may result in disappointments and significant expense in the future. In Vancouver, Canada, a high-end wine collector sought the help of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to transform their basement into a refrigerated wine cellar.

We used Sapele Mahogany and VintageView metal wine racks. Learn more about the beautiful features of this wine room.

Awesome Transformation of a Large Basement Into a Residential Wine Cellar

Wooden Wine Racking with Bottles and Wood Cases

In converting a space into a climate-controlled cellar, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars always make sure that the room has an airtight seal before installing the wine racks, flooring, and cooling system.

We are one of the most trusted wine cellar contractors in Vancouver, with passion and extensive experience in designing and building wine rooms. Recently, we have completed a basement wine cellar conversion project.

We were able to meet the requirements of our client despite encountering some structural challenges. We combined wood and metal to create beautiful and functional wine displays. The wine cellar cooling system, flooring, and lighting were chosen and installed carefully to achieve proper wine storage and the overall appeal that the client desired for their wine room.

Structural Challenges

Hidden Storage Area Custom Wine Cellar Vancouver

This room was not originally built to be a wine room, so we needed to take down the drywall on the walls and ceiling. We also insulated and installed a vapor barrier and put up and finished new drywall.

Another area that we needed to seal was a hidden room under a stairway, accessed through a miniature door. This room would allow the client to have an extra “secret” wine storage area and maximize capacity.

To complete the renovations we emptied the room of its original contents, which included a very heavy pool table! The client also had a couple of wine cabinets in this room, which were moved to a room upstairs.

There was also a window in this room which opened to the outdoors, we built a wall in front of it to eliminate light. We left the door to the cellar unchanged, in order to maintain the original look of the home.

Custom Sapele Wood and VintageView Wine Cellar

Custom Cabinet Housing ONAM Wine Cellar Cooling System

The racking system plays a significant role in achieving the desired ambiance and overall appeal of the wine room. At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we take into consideration all of our client’s needs and requirements to be able to create an awe-inspiring wine display.

In this installation project, the homeowner, who is a very high-end collector, wanted the cellar to be as natural and scent-free as possible. All-wood racking would create a traditional look, so we incorporated metal in the racking to achieve a sleek appeal.

Sapele – Ideal Hardwood for Custom Wine Racks

Sapele, which belongs to the Mahogany family, is a hardwood species that is widely used by wine cellar contractors in Vancouver.

One of the many benefits of Sapele custom wine racks is its superior stability. It grows in an interlocking grain pattern, making it harder than other wood species. It is also highly resistant to weather and rot. These are the qualities that make Sapele a favorite material for constructing windows and doors.

The natural luster of Sapele can add drama to any living space. This type of wood also exhibits gorgeous grain patterns including wavy, quilted, fiddle back, and mottled.

Since the client wanted an odourless wine cellar, we did not apply stain or lacquer on the wine racks.

Using Various Bottle Orientations to Create a Gorgeous and Functional Wine Display

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we don’t want to build mediocre wine rooms. Our creative and passionate team of designers always makes sure that every racking system will be a stunning display for our clients and their guests.

In this basement wine cellar conversion project, we installed Sapele custom wine racks, incorporated with different racking configurations, and two feature walls with VintageView metal wine racks.

On our 3-dimensional plan view below, you can see the different elevations labeled from A-F, the dimensions of the room, and the total bottle capacity of the wine cellar.

Elevations A, B, and E

Quarter Round Display Shelf and Racking with Wine Bottles Loaded in

As you enter the room from the basement hallway, the first wine rack that you’ll see on the right wall (Elevation B) is a 5-level quarter round display rack, followed by individual wine racks at the top section.

A display row lines the middle of the racking, allowing the client to highlight some of his favorite vintages.

Below this is the “secret” wine storage area that goes into a space beneath the stairs in the adjoining room. We covered it with a removable custom louvered grill. This room is also insulated and climate-controlled to preserve the wine’s quality.

On both sides of this hidden wine storage area are half lattice diamond bins and wooden case lattice storage racks intended for the owner’s high-end wines.

The next wall is Elevation A, which consists of a wide tabletop. This feature provides a perfect place for decanting and serving wine. We added an opening at the center and label forward display on both sides. The rest of the racking at the top section is composed of single bottle wine racks.

We installed a lattice diamond wine display below the tabletop. More half diamond bins and more wood case storage racks were installed at the bottom.

The connecting wall is labeled as Elevation E, has the same wine rack design as Elevation B, except for the quarter round racking, which serves as the end racking of the latter.

Elevations C and D

As you enter through the door from the outside of the cellar, the first racking to your right has the same style as elevation E. The wall facing the door is a wine rack that is 54 ¼ inches deep, which consists of a horizontal display for six large format bottles.

Below this is a custom cabinet where the climate-control unit is hidden. The rest of the racking are individual bottle slots.

Sleek Metal Wine Racks – A Favorite Choice Of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Vancouver Contractors

Custom Sapele Wine Cellar with VintageView Wine Racking

We added VintageView metal wine racks to this Vancouver home wine cellar to satisfy our client’s desire for a contemporary design.

Upon entering the door from the hallway, the first wall you are greeted with is the left wall. Here, we added a 3-column single-deep metal wine rack.

Another set of metal racking was installed on the left wall when you enter through the door from the outside. This time, we used 4-column triple-deep wine racks. All the metal racking is in satin black finish.

Wine Cellar Cooling, Lighting System, and Flooring

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we offer various brands of climate-control systems. One of these is the ONAM self-contained cooling units, which are designed for flexibility and ease of installation.

In this project, we used the ONAM CW30-W water-cooled cooling system, which is enclosed in the wine cellar in a custom cabinet.

This was a straightforward installation by our regular wine cellar technicians as it is self-contained and did not require an HVAC professional for installation.

This reliable and powerful type of refrigeration system can serve a cellar of this size. It is controlled by a wall-mounted thermostat, which is hardwired to the unit.

For the lighting, we used LED strip lighting masked behind an L-shaped valance over the high reveal display row. LED pot lights were installed in the ceiling. We pulled up the original carpet and installed beautiful slate tiles with an interesting layout and pattern surrounding the middle island.

Turn an Unused Room into a Stylish Wine Cellar

If you have an unused space in your home and want to convert it into a gorgeous wine cellar, a wine cellar contractor in Vancouver can help you. Contact Blue Grouse Wine Cellars at 1-888-400-2675.


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