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30. Peg and Millesime Wine Cellar

Extraordinary Modern Wine Cellar Racks in Vancouver Home

The large glass door opens to this unbelievable, large, contemporary wine room

Luxury homeowners desired a partially glass-enclosed room to store and display their small wine collection. Building the cellar while the new modern home was under construction, the homeowners were able to minimize the costs. Recognizing that they needed specialized advice, they wisely contacted the Vancouver wine racks experts at Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to provide modern design to their gorgeous contemporary room. We were able to work hand-in-hand with the contractor providing optimal value within our area of proficiency.

This modern wine cellar with racks project features:

  • Backlit panels
  • Metal wine pegs
  • Streamlined Millesime wine racks.

LED Panels for Wine Rooms

While the client knew that they wanted an excellent wine cellar in their home, they weren’t sure exactly how they wanted their wine cellar to stand out. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars suggested many creative design flourishes, including backlit LED panels.

After seeing the drawings, the client fell in love with the modern design of the wine room. A clear coated walnut panel was placed on a standoff mount, laying on top of backerboard. LED tape lighting was put underneath the panel, hiding the light source, yet emitting an effervescent glow.

A walnut wood panel gives a distinct (but seemingly appropriate) look to the wine cellar, blending a more traditional look with modern minimalist features.

Metal Wine Pegs

Peg Wine Racks on Wood Backboard.

Single deep metal wine pegs populate the walnut panels, showing bottle labels forward. The cellar features pegs with a chrome finish. Metal pegs are one of the most versatile forms of modern wine display. These type of wine racks offer much storage and display variation to a wine cellar.

The Flexibility of Metal Pegs

Metal pegs are flexible in design, accommodating both standard and some large-size bottles. These particular pegs are designed for single bottle deep storage only but a similar peg series, Vinopins, allows flexibility to increase to double or triple deep at a later stage. The peg wine racking system has been rigorously tested under realistic wine cellar conditions and will keep your collection safe. Using smooth pins protects the labels of your most-valued wines, an excellent choice for storing and displaying a high-quality wine collection.

Millesime Racks for Modern Vancouver Wine Cellars

Millesime, a trusted manufacturer, provided racks that lined the glass wall of the cellar. From small bottles to magnums, to everything in between, these metal railings store almost any type or size of wine bottle.

Both inside and outside the wine cellar the horizontal wine bottles can be viewed.

Both inside and outside the wine cellar the horizontal wine bottles can be viewed. They are label forward using the Millesime Wine Racks.

The posts and rails are made of anodized aluminum, helping them effectively resist corrosion. The practicality of this a wine racks material is smartly married to the modern appearance of the cellar.

The end of each rail shows clear-coated walnut caps, which match the walnut panelled walls, adding a beautiful accent.

Storage Capacity of Wine Room

The client requested the room be utilized to display a smaller wine collection. The wine cellar houses 290-bottles-of-wine. Adding more wine storage space in the future could be done by changing to double or triple deep metal wine pegs. Voluminous cellars like this, with metal pegs, can offer flexibility to the homeowners, reducing the need for more panels or racks as the wine storage needs increase.

Finished Wine Cellar

These Vancouver clients love their wine cellar—a large, modern-designed wine room with two incredibly beautiful types of contemporary racks. We were able to offer adaptable storage and display options, with room for the growth of a collection. Smart design, planned by wine display experts, provided the homeowners with a show-stopping wine room, sure to be the focal point of the home.