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31. Peg Wine Racking with Backlit Panels

Distinctive Lighting Ideas Produce a Unique Modern Wine Cellar Display

Laminated panels stand behind the chrome peg wine racking.

Homeowners working on a renovation project in Vancouver, B.C. wanted to convert a living room closet into a custom wine cellar. The small space required a cellar that could hold many bottles of wine efficiently.

The homeowners got a conversation piece with customized wine storage, courtesy of the creative designers at Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. The lighting in this project is extraordinarily idiosyncratic, adding a special modern case study to our list of wine display fixture ideas.

Wine Cellars Built with Each Customer in Mind

We love offering custom options to all our Vancouver clients. Each choice made by our clients produces a personalized wine storage system and display that reflects the aesthetic of their home, but also their individualized taste.

This contemporary home is an excellent example of a wine closet display that is very personalized. But for those who appreciate a fashion-forward design aesthetic, this is killer.

Custom Wine Cellar LED Panels & Lighting

There was never any doubt that the homeowners wanted their closet converted into a wine storage closet; they weren’t entirely sure, however, how they wanted it to look. A detailed design was drawn up, giving the client an idea of how the wine cellar would look and its capacity.

The designers at Blue Grouse Wine Cellars had a few ideas as to how they could make this particular project unique and exceed their client’s expectations.

Glowing Wine Display, Without Visible Lights

Installed on a standoff mount—a thermally-fused Edgewood laminate lays on top of a backer board. We installed LED tape lighting underneath the backer board. The results give a bright futuristic glow without seeing the light source itself.

One exciting feature of the installed LED lights is that they can change colours on display instantly, or they can also produce a gradual color shift.

Safe Wine Cellar Lighting

Wine Cellar on the right with door slightly open showing lighting accents.

With the wine cellar door open slightly we can begin to see the peg racking and accent lights inside.

Examining a large selection of lighting ideas is a major step in the design phase of any wine cellar construction project. It’s crucial to have the right kinds of lights to illuminate your collection safely.

Light Emitting Diode or LED lights are a top choice among wine storage builders, creating a comforting glow while giving off far less heat than other types of lighting. Excess heat can lead to temperature fluctuations, which as any wine lover knows is bad news.

Lighting Ideas for Wine Cellar Displays

Because of the lower energy and longevity needs, LED lights are incredibly versatile in how and where they can be placed and used. Besides backlighting, we use LED lights to highlight display sections in racking, in the ceiling and sometimes also uplighting from the floor.

Creating an authentic one-of-a-kind wine cellar requires the use of many lighting ideas. Any combination of ceiling lights, accent lights, backlights, and chandeliers can work together, and the specialists at Blue Grouse Wine Cellars can turn your display dreams into a working reality.

Bronzed Frameless Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Two sidelights flank a bronzed frameless glass double doorway to the wine cellar. We built the doors almost touching the walls, floor, and ceiling. The gaps are filled in with mohair weather stripping.

This glass door installation process works to keep the wine cellar well-sealed, contribution toward temperature and humidity stability.

The door handles, and u-channel pieces all have a brushed nickel finish and the door handles are a popular ladder pull style.

Modern Metal Wine Cellar Pegs

Maximizing the storage capacity in such a limited space, we installed triple-deep metal wine pegs to hold the wine securely and show off the wine labels. Manufactured with a chrome finish creates a stunning wine display that is the definition of modern. These wine racks are one of the most versatile and decorative wine display and storage options.

Many Design Options for Cellar or Wall Displays with Metal Pegs

These particular metal wine pegs require a backer board for installation but the introduction of Vinopins and Vinorails allows clients to mount pegs into drywall, wood paneling or every masonry.

Many of our clients looking for great contemporary lighting ideas, as in this wine cellar project, are instantly drawn to the modern aesthetic of metal pegs. They are used in wine cellar settings, as well as kitchen wine displays and commercial use.

Climate-Controlled Cellar

Bottles are label out for easy selection for the owner.

It’s easy for the owner to find the right bottle with forward facing labels.

We used a KoolR Magnum model cooling unit to keep the climate-controlled environment safe. A model such as this is perfect for a smaller-scale wine cellar, keeping energy consumption low and the cellar cool.

We can paint and modify the grill to the cooling unit to better blend in with a given color scheme or to stand out as an accent piece.

Wine Storage Capacity

With the triple-deep racking, the capacity for wine bottles in this cellar can be up to 324 bottles, an immense number of bottles for a closet conversion renovation project!