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32. Classic Millwork and Vintage View Cellar in Coquitlam

Feast Your Eyes on This Gorgeous Custom Wine Cellar In Coquitlam Designed with VintageView Wine Racking

Completed Custom Wine Cellar in Coquitlam Installed with VintageView Wine Racks

Whether you have a few, a hundred, or thousands of bottles in your wine collection, working with a professional wine cellar builder is necessary.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, is one of the top-notch designers and installers of residential custom wine cellars. Learn how they maximized the capacity of a wine room using VintageView wine racking to accommodate the owner’s large collection in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Designed and Built for a Large Collection in Coquitlam

Collecting wine is an expensive hobby. Thus, it is essential that you invest in a wine storage and display area in your home built by an expert. In addition to keeping your wines safe, you must also consider the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar. Choosing an experienced builder will help you protect your precious wines for many years to come and enhance the beauty of your home.

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we always want to exceed our client’s expectations. In this particular project, we had to create a design that would accommodate the large collection of the owner, which consisted of various bottle sizes. We also had to add an area where the client could enjoy sipping wine with his guests.

In Coquitlam, we completed another custom wine cellar project where we installed VintageView and wooden wine racking systems. In their previous home, we supplied them with built-in cabinets. Later on, they decided to invest in a much larger wine storage and display area for their growing collection.

Custom Wine Rack System: Combining Wood and Metal

Vintage View Wine Racking Coquitlam Custom Wine Cellar

One of the factors that affects the overall appeal of your wine room is the racking system. Wood is the most common material used in wine cellar construction. It is a favorite choice of homeowners who want a wine room with a classic appeal. In addition, wood’s earthy feel creates a relaxing ambiance.

On the other hand, metal is also increasing in demand as a Vintageview wine racking material because of its modern appearance. Other benefits it offers are that it saves space (metal wine racks can be mounted on a wall), is easy to maintain, and is flexible.

In this custom wine cellar project in Coquitlam, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars utilized both wood and metal VintageView wine racking, resulting in an awe-inspiring design. Combining these materials created an unusually stylish wine display area.

Using Metal Wine Racks from VintageView

Floor to Ceiling Wine Racking by VintageView

Most sections of the wine cellar consist of metal wine racks manufactured by VintageView. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has been using VintageView wine racking systems in our wine cellar installation projects for quite some time now. Their innovative wine storage solutions are helping us build magnificent wine cellars.

VintageView wine racks are designed with label forward configuration. The main advantage of this bottle orientation is that it allows the owner to locate a specific type of wine quickly. There is no need to flip a bottle of wine to read the wine description. It may seem trivial, but the action of flipping a stored wine bottle will alter the chemical properties of that wine.

Upon entering the wine room, you will see 3-deep metal wine racks on the left and right walls. On the back wall, we mounted 3-bottles deep VintageView metal wine racks at the top section. Below them is a display row that pitches the bottles at a 15-degree angle to keep the cork moist. A cork that has dried out will become brittle, shrink, and lose its elasticity. Keeping the cork moist will prevent an unwanted amount of air to enter the bottle and oxidize the wine.

On one of the walls of this home wine cellar in Coquitlam, we installed custom VintageView wine racks specifically to accommodate large format bottles up to 6 liters. We applied the metal wine racks with a satin black finish to achieve an elegant look.

Wooden Custom Wine Racks

The lower level wine racks are all custom millwork applied with a stain and lacquer. We incorporated diamond bins for bulk and case storage. The diamond bins helped increase the capacity of the wine room.

Moreover, diamond bins can make wine monitoring easier. The bottles of the same style or variety can be stored in one bin. In this type of racking style, the bottles are placed on top of each other.

Functional Center Table and Chandelier

Classic Millwork With Contemporary VintageView Racking

For homeowners with a large wine cellar, we recommend a center table that functions as a wine rack. In this particular project, the center table we installed was customized. Instead of just providing a space for serving and decanting wine, the decision was made to make the table more functional. We added case storage bins and horizontal wine racks on the sides of the rectangular table.

To cap off the wine cellar, the homeowner added a chandelier. This type of lighting adds elegance to the wine room while providing enough light to read the wine bottle labels.

Small Wine Tasting Bar: a Great Feature in the Custom Wine Cellar

The client wanted a small tasting bar just outside the cellar. It would enhance the visual appeal of the wine room and provide a space for entertaining friends. It would also provide extra storage for wine cellar accessories (e.g., decanter, wine glasses, bottle openers).

Custom Features of the Tasting Bar

Wine Tasting and Bar Area Outside the Coquitlam Custom Wine Cellar

Anyone who sees the tasting bar will be impressed with its stylish and eco-friendly features. Installed on the back wall, the bar consists of a countertop with a sink and faucet. There are two layers of shelving above it.

Below the countertop are two drawers on the sides and a cabinet at the center. These sections were intended to provide additional space for the client’s accessories and accoutrements.

Both sides of the wall consist of tall wooden racking with shelves for wine glasses at the top, diamond bins in the middle, and two levels of case storage bins. The frameless glass door and walls provide a great visual of the lovely wine tasting bar from the outside.

Entry to the Wine Cellar

To top the room off, an eco-friendly, reclaimed wine barrel table was placed in the corner of the tasting bar. The backsplash and the ceiling were designed with light-colored bricks, which also add character to the room.

Work with a Master Builder on Your Next Custom Wine Cellar Project

Whether you have a small or large collection, working with a master builder like Blue Grouse Wine Cellars will help you provide your precious wines with a safe and stunning storage and display area. In this custom wine cellar project in Coquitlam, we utilized VintageView wine racking and wooden wine racks to create a stylish wine cellar.

Are you planning to start your own project? Contact Blue Grouse Wine Cellars at 1-888-400-2675!