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33. Glass, Rails and Acrylic Wine Cellar in West...

You’ll Envy this Under the Stairs Space Turned into a Contemporary Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

Millesime Contemporary Wine Racks Installed in a Custom Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

Millesime Contemporary Wine Racks Installed in a Custom Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

Do you love collecting wine but do not have a dedicated wine storage room? Why not utilize an unused space in your home? If you are serious about your hobby, you can convert it into a stylish wine cellar with the help of a master builder on the North Shore. Find out the amazing transformation of a space under the stairs into a contemporary wine room in West Vancouver.

Exquisite Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Contemporary Home in West Vancouver

One of the most enjoyable hobbies that is increasing in demand in many parts of the world is wine collecting. Serious wine collectors would invest in a wine room to display their favorite vintages in a stunning way. Moreover, a wine cellar designed by a professional will keep the wines safe for many years to come.

In West Vancouver, a client contacted Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to seek help in transforming her space under the stairs into a wine storage and display area. To complement the theme of her high-end home, we had to build a custom wine cellar with a contemporary design.


Modern Wine Racks by Millesime Give Character to the Residential Wine Cellar

The design of the wine racks plays a vital role in achieving the ambiance that the client wants in her wine cellar. At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we always make sure that the type of wine racks we install in a wine cellar goes well with the existing decor of the home.

For this particular project, the owner worked with her designer in choosing the wine racks. They thought that the Millesime wine racking system was the perfect choice for the wine cellar. Millesime has been providing innovative wine storage systems to builders, contractors, and designers.

Their wine racks are widely used in building contemporary wine cellars in West Vancouver. The standard components of the racking system are posts and rails made from anodized aluminum. The posts and rails that support the wine bottles are installed upright. The end blocks, which are made of clear acrylic, fix the rails to the support posts.

Reasons Why Millesime Wine Racks are in Demand in Building Contemporary Wine Cellars in West Vancouver

Glass Wine Cellar with Contemporary Wine Racks Designed by West Vancouver Experts

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars recommends Millesime wine racks for clients who want a striking wine display and entertainment area in their home. These wine racks offer many benefits, making them a favorite choice among homeowners and builders.


On this particular contemporary wine cellar conversion project, we enclosed the room in glass on the front (the door) and right sides to allow a good view of the modern wine room from the outside. For a glass wine cellar like this, a striking wine display with Millesime wine rack system was a perfect choice.

The label forward configuration of the Millesime wine racks provides convenience in finding specific types of wine. The design eliminates the need to flip a bottle of wine to see its name and description. With the labels facing out, you will not disturb the wine’s sediments, preventing the alteration of the wine’s chemical properties.



End blocks of Contemporary Wine Cellar Racking in Clear Acrylic Installed by West Vancouver Builders

Another advantage of the Millesime wine racks is space efficiency. They can be configured in various ways to fit any size of collection and design requirements. Depending on the size of your wine cellar, you can choose from different racking heights, widths, and depths. You also have the option for wall mounting brackets if you cannot or do not want the wine racks to mount into the ceiling.

For the end block finish, you may choose Walnut or Mahogany. These types of wood are two of the most popular materials in wine rack construction. For contemporary style wine cellars in West Vancouver, clear acrylic end blocks are recommended. We used this option for this particular project to satisfy the client’s thirst for modernism.


Another good thing about the Millesime wine racks is the option for additional presentation or display row for wine racks with double and triple depth. The presentation row highlights some of this client’s favorite bottles while storing them at an angle. Another optional add-on is the bulk storage bin, which is for 3-bottle deep wine racks.

For this contemporary wine cellar project, we utilized single deep Millesime wine racks. Because of the limited space, we were not able to use the add-ons for increased capacity. We installed the wine racks on the left, right, and back walls. The sloping ceiling was a challenge for us. It was necessary to use special ceiling brackets to address the problem.

Smart Choice of Cooling System and Correct Seal for a Small Contemporary Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

Completed Contemporary Wine Cellar Under Stairs of a Home in West Vancouver with Cooling Unit Installed Above the Door

When building a wine cellar, one of the most crucial steps in determining the correct size and type of refrigeration system. The installation of the cooling unit requires technical skills and expertise. At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, our knowledgeable team performs a heat load calculation to ensure that the most suitable wine cooling system is chosen for a particular project.

For this contemporary style wine cellar in West Vancouver, we used the KoolR Magnum. Given its small size, this type of climate-control system is ideal for wine cellars with limited space. It is efficient and easy to install. We had to construct a head over the door to provide a space to mount it through.

Condensate Tube from the Cooling Unit

We placed a clear plastic tube at the bottom of the cooling unit, which goes into an empty wine bottle, positioned nearby at the top of the wine racking. In case of condensation, the water will not drip on the floor. The amount of condensation produced by these units is usually quite small. To prevent condensation, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars made sure that the room was sealed correctly.

We insulated the walls and ceiling. We equipped the door with pivot hinges at the top and bottom and mohair weather stripping around the edges to create a tight seal. An airtight seal will prevent the cool air from escaping the cellar and the warm air from entering. Failure to do so will result in temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels.


Stylish Wine Cellar Lighting

The type of lighting also plays a significant role in the overall appeal and functionality of a wine cellar. Thus, you must consult with a professional. You cannot just use regular bulbs for your wine room because they emit a high amount of light that can damage your wines.

We always recommend the LED lighting system, which has been a top choice in wine cellars because of their low heat emission, and they do not release UV light. When damaged by heat, your wines will have an unpleasant taste and aroma. When this happens, you will have to throw away the wine that has gone bad. LED lights are also energy efficient, helping keep your energy bills at a level.

With different typed of LED lights, it is a smart idea to seek the help of a professional like Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. For this project, we installed LED pot lights on the ceiling to illuminate the wine cellar with ample light for browsing wines and moving around the wine room.

Let Us Help Build Your Dream Contemporary Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is proud to be part of this stellar installation project in West Vancouver. We transformed an unused space under the stairs into a contemporary wine cellar. If you have a space in your home that you would like to turn into a wine storage and display area, talk to one of our specialists at +1-888-400-2675.