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34. Rails and Vintage View Contemporary Cellar in West...

A Knock-Out Custom Home Wine Cellar in Vancouver Installed with Metal Wine Racks

Can a custom wine cellar add value to a home? The answer is yes! Therefore, when you are planning to sell a residential property with a lovely wine room in it, selling it will be easier and profit will be higher. Potential buyers are looking for a home with unique features. In Vancouver, a spec home developer sought our help for their wine cellar project. Using metal wine racks, we were able to build a modern wine cellar.

Modern Custom Home Wine Cellar with Metal Wine Racks and Rails

Modern Metal Wine Racks Mounted to Millwork Clad Wall

Homebuyers are looking for a residential property that has unique and luxurious features. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, you can increase its value by installing a modern wine cellar in it.

In Vancouver, a spec home developer contacted Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to seek help in their wine cellar construction project. They provided us with some images they found online, and they wanted to replicate the design. We had to utilize metal wine racks to blend with the home’s contemporary look.

Astounding Wine Cellar Features

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we always want to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of our clients. To achieve this, we made a careful assessment to determine the specific needs of the developer before installing the other components.

After this step, we created 3-dimensional drawings to provide better visualization of the completed wine cellar. The CAD images included the racking styles and dimensions, room measurement, and bottle capacities. After the client approved the design, we started the construction phase.

We made sure that the type of wine racks would suit the requirements of the client. Bottle capacity was not that important, so we installed a wine rack system for a few bottles.

Metal Wine Racks on the Back Wall: the Smart Wine Storage Solution for a Modern Home

Two Different Styles of Contemporary Wine Racking that Display Bottles with Labels Facing Forward

Creativity, passion, and expertise are needed to create a knock out wine cellar design using metal wine racks. At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we possess these characteristics that make us one of the top-notch and trusted builders in Vancouver.

Sleek wine storage facilities are getting more popular among homeowners. We have created a minimalist or contemporary design for many clients in Vancouver using metal wine racks. You can choose modular or custom wine racks, depending on your needs.

On the back wall, we installed wall-mounted metal wine racks manufactured by VintageView. We chose double-deep wine racks to maximize the capacity of the small room. We applied a polish chrome finish to match the rails on the other side of the wall.

VintageView has been providing us with contemporary racking solutions both for residential and commercial applications. They offer wall mounted and floor-to-ceiling wine racks, all of which are designed to offer many benefits.

Advantages Of VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Custom Millwork Frames with Rails Blend Well with the Metal Wine Racks

VintageView metal wine racks add character to a space and match any existing decor. All of their products are designed to store the bottles at a label forward configuration. This type of orientation allows the owner to locate a specific type of wine with ease.

There is no need to flip the bottle to see its variety, alcohol content, and other important information about the wine. Flipping the bottle will alter the wine’s chemical properties, causing it to have an unpleasant taste and aroma.

Another advantage of VintageView metal wine storage systems is their installation flexibility. These wine racks can be installed even in the tiny corners of your wine cellar and fit narrow spaces.

Contemporary Wine Racks Made Of Aluminum Rails

For this project, we custom designed two rectangular millwork frames with aluminum rails and installed them aligned to the left of the door. The wooden frames, which have a floor-to-ceiling height, add a unique feature to the wine cellar. They were done in a clear-coated walnut, as were the wall panels so that everything would match.

Installing an Efficient Wine Cooling System

Custom Millwork Frames with Chrome Rails to Support and Display Wine Bottles

Wine requires optimum conditions to age gracefully. It is sensitive to heat, light, vibration, and odor. Therefore, it is crucial that you store it in a room capable of achieving the ideal wine storage temperatures and humidity levels.

To preserve the wine’s desirable characteristics, you must invest in a wine cellar equipped with a reliable wine cooling system. You must work with a wine refrigeration expert if you want to enjoy wine collecting to the fullest.

An Efficient Wine Cellar Refrigeration System to Create a Stable Environment

For this project, we installed the ONAM CW30-W unit in an adjacent closet with openings into the cellar for supply and return vents. Since this wine cooling unit is non-insulated and not intended for placement inside a cellar, we insulated the closet area and connected it to the cellar to be part of the conditioned environment. The grilles used to cover the openings into the cellar were painted white to blend in with the wall color.

The ONAM CW30-W wine cellar cooling unit is known for its quiet vibration-free operation. Some of its features include safety high-temperature controller, high and low-pressure safety valve, remote electronic thermostatic control, and stainless steel thermal expansion valve.

Add Value to Your Home. Let Us Build Your Modern Wine Cellar in Vancouver with Metal Wine Racks and Rails.

This project is another pride of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. We created a modern custom wine cellar using metal wine racks for a spec home in Vancouver. We added a luxurious touch to it by installing custom millwork frames with rails.

If you are planning to start your wine room conversion project, talk to one of our specialists at 1-888-400-2675.