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How Modern Wine Cellar Racks Designed by North Shore Experts Spruced Up a Tiny Space

With the help of an expert, your tiny space can be transformed into an elegant wine cellar and increase the value of your residential property. Check out this particular conversion project in North Shore where we had to utilize a small room. We incorporated modern features and used a modern wine rack system provided by one of the top-notch manufacturers in the United States.

A Residential Wine Cellar Designed and Built with Form and Function in Mind

Converting a small space into a functional wine cellar was a challenge in this project. With many years of experience in wine cellar design and construction, challenges like this do not stop us from creating stellar designs for wine storage facilities. This residential custom wine cellar installation project completed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is another rewarding job we did. The space was small, but we were able to conquer this challenge.

Assessment of the Client’s Needs and Requirements: a Crucial Step in Designing Wine Cellars on Vancouver’s North Shore, Canada

Having keen attention to detail enables us to build impressive and functional custom wine cellars tailored to our client’s unique requirements. To avoid expensive modifications after the installation process, we always make a careful assessment of the owner’s aesthetic and functional needs.

The client wanted a contemporary style wine room, so we utilized modern wine racks for this North Shore project. The room, which is located on the main floor, measures 9’ long, 5’ wide, and 8’ high. We had to create a design that would fit the tiny space and match the existing decor of the home.

We created 3-dimensional drawings to show the client the different racking elevations, styles, and dimensions. The images also consisted of the bottle capacities. After the client had no more changes on the design we made, we started the construction process.

IMAGENorth Shore Modern Custom Wine Cellar Racks

Wine Room Preparation

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we always make sure that every room is refrigeration ready before we install the components. Insulating the space will prevent air leakage to and from the cellar. This will avoid interference with the cooling system’s performance.

When the conditions in the wine cellar are not stable, the refrigeration unit installed in it will work harder to maintain the ideal environment. Moreover, the wines will be ruined. Therefore, correct insulation plays a crucial role in proper wine storage.

For this particular project, we had to enclose the wine cellar with a door and walls made of glass. Therefore, we had to install better insulation. The higher the R-value, the better the insulating properties. We insulated the side and back wall with R-20 and installed a vapor barrier on the warm side of the wine cellar. The ceiling was insulated with R-30.

Custom Wine Rack Features that Make the Wine Cellar Pop

The modern wine racks we used for this North Shore project were manufactured by VintageView, a top-notch manufacturer of contemporary wine storage solutions. Their innovative design makes them a favorite provider of wine storage systems in the US.

We installed LED pot lights to create a nice ambient lighting system. LED lights are known to be efficient and safe because they emit a low amount of heat compared to other types of bulbs.

Advantages of VintageView Modern Wine Racks

IMAGEBar, Sink and Faucet Installed to Stone Countertop North Shore Modern Wine Cellar Project

VintageView wine racks are in demand both in residential and commercial wine cellar construction. Their wine storage systems are designed with label forward bottle orientation. Their metal wine racks hold the bottles horizontally with the labels facing out.

The main advantage of the label forward racking design is that it provides convenience in locating a specific type of wine. There is no need to flip the bottle to see the information about the wine stored in it. Keep in mind that flipping the bottle will alter the chemical composition of the wines, which can result in off flavors and aromas.

Wine Racks and Cabinets Installed on the Right and Back Walls

North Shore Wine Cellar Installed with Modern Wine Racks by VintageView

On the right wall, we installed three sets of single deep and wall mounted wine racks installed next to each other. This type of wine racks eliminates the use of floor space.

The back wall is the focal point of this custom wine cellar designed by our North Shore specialists. The modern wine racks are triple deep arranged to form a rectangular arch. We incorporated a stemware rack at the center top of the arch, which was also provided by VintageView. It to hold our client’s wine glasses upside down.

We added a Vicostone sparkling white countertop with a stainless steel sink and chrome faucet. The countertop provides a space for decanting, serving, and tasting wines. The owner can also place a few bottles on it before they are consumed.

Functional Storage Cabinets

Below the countertop are custom cabinets with five Sequoia style doors that were constructed from maple with a custom finish. These cabinets provide the owner with a storage place for cases of wines, wine cellar accessories, and other accoutrements.

Wine Cellar Climate Control System

This custom cabinet was created to house the wine cellar cooling unit.

To achieve the optimum conditions required for aging wine gracefully, we installed an ONAM CW-30W water-cooled cooling unit. The unit itself does not generate any heat inside the cellar, so no air venting was required.

The cooling unit was determined by running a thermal load calculation based on the size of the cellar and the amount of frameless glass. The ONAM CW30W was powerful enough to achieve the ideal wine cellar environment.

The ONAM was perfect for this installation as we were using custom millwork and could conceal the unit within the millwork. The control panel where the owner could set the temperature is located within the cabinet next to the cooling unit easily.

On the far left side of the back wall, we created a tall cabinet that conceals the wine cellar cooling unit. A supply air is ducted to the top of the cabinets into a plenum near the ceiling of the wine cellar. The return air grill is located in the middle section of the cabinet.

Choose Modern Wine Cellar Racks and Work with a Master Builder in North Shore

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars completed another stellar wine room conversion project in North Shore. We used modern metal wine racks by VintageView and incorporated unique features. If you are looking for an expert in the design and installation of wine cellars, call us at 1-888-400-2675 today!