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37. Custom Millwork and Float Wine Display Cellar in...

Dazzling Custom Wine Cellar Designed by an Expert Builder in Vancouver

You can prevent wine storage issues and ensure that your dream wine cellar is built according to your specifications if you work with a trusted wine cellar builder. In Vancouver, a homeowner sought the help of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in transforming a large space into a custom wine room.

Learn about the stylish features we incorporated into the wine cellar design to make it more functional and visually appealing.

A Master Builder in Vancouver is Proud to be Part of an Elegant Wine Cellar Construction

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is well known as a trusted wine cellar builder in Vancouver, Canada. We have been providing innovative wine storage solutions for many years both for residential and commercial applications.

A homeowner on Vancouver’s West Side contacted us to seek help for his wine room installation project. We had to transform a basement, which is located behind the bar area, into a functional wine cellar. The area has a dimension of 127 ¼” W x 161 ½” L x 92 ½” H.

The contractor prepared and finished the room as required. They installed R20 insulation, a vapor barrier, wood paneling on walls and ceiling, and framed glass on one of the walls. They supplied the electrical receptacle, water supply and drain lines for the cooling unit. He consulted closely with us for instructions on how to prepare these items properly.

Features of the Home Wine Cellar Specifically Designed for a High-End Home

Working with an experienced wine cellar builder in Vancouver will ensure that everything is in place for a successful project. You will not have to worry about wine storage problems in the future due to errors or incorrect components installed in your wine storage facility.

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, it is our standard procedure to make a careful assessment of our clients’ needs. We do not skip this step because it is crucial in determining the components suitable for your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Moreover, we will work according to your budget without compromising beauty and quality. For this project, we knew that the client had large-format bottles in his collection and wanted to combine the two most common materials for wine racks.

Custom Wine Rack Bottle Configurations and Material Used by Wine Cellar Builders in Vancouver

We had to create a wine storage system for standard bottles, magnums, and other large-format bottles. The client also requested a humidor cabinet for cigars. We combined traditional and contemporary wine racks to create a unique and stylish wine display and storage area.

Wooden Components We Incorporated Into the Wine Cellar Design

When you enter the custom wine cellar, built in the basement, you will see that the wine racks on the left and back walls are made of wood. We used oak, a famous wood species that offers many benefits. These include durability, high resistance to warping, and ability to withstand the humid conditions in refrigerated wine rooms. Moreover, oak takes any stain well. As you can see in this project, the custom stain finish added a richer look to the wooden wine racks.

Left and Back Walls

Left and Back Wall Wine Racks

The top center of the left wall consists of horizontal display rows. This section includes the wine cooling unit concealed within cabinetry with louvered grills. We added individual wine racks and a single horizontal rack to both sides of the display rows. The bottom section of the left wall consists of storage bins for wooden cases and a humidor cabinet for the client’s cigar collection.

The back wall is the focal point of this custom wine cellar completed by a creative builder in Vancouver. This is the area where you can see the arch niche with island and angled display rows at the top center.

LED lights add drama to this cellar. On both sides of the arch, we added more horizontal display rows and individual wine racks on both sides of the arch. We also added wood case storage, diamond bins, and a quarter round display shelf.

The island has a marble countertop and is a great feature that provides space for decanting, serving, and tasting wines.

Contemporary Wine Racks

Nowadays, contemporary wine storage is “in” among residential and business owners. Metal wine racks are not only sleek and elegant; they are ideal in small and narrow spaces. They can easily fit in the tiny corners of a room.

Right wall floating wire shelves

Right Wall

For this particular project, we installed the Float Racking System by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. As the name implies, this type of racking displays the bottles as if they are floating in the air horizontally. The bottles are cradled in glass plates. If you want to build an impressive presentation of your wines in your home, hotel, restaurant, bar, or retail store, our Float Racking System is a great choice.

Wine Cellar Cooling System

The wine cooling unit is an essential component in wine cellar construction. Using an air conditioning system for homes will strip moisture from the air to achieve a relative humidity comfortable for people. Your wine requires a higher humidity level, achievable only with a wine cellar refrigeration system.

We used the ONAM CW-30W cooling unit, which was ducted and concealed within the racking. It was a smart option to go with this powerful system considering the size of the wine cellar and the glass components installed. We placed the control panel for the unit within the cabinetry.

Doors and Flooring

Elegant Door and Flooring Inside a Residential Custom Wine Cellar

The door is another crucial component in building a wine cellar. It must be chosen and manufactured by an expert so it can look beautiful and offer an air-tight, well-insulated entryway to your cellar.

For this particular project, we worked with the builder’s team to complete the wine cellar. They supplied and built the custom wood and wrought iron French door, with sidelights. This team also installed the beautiful Versace floor tiles.

Have a home in Vancouver? It’s Best to Work with a Wine Cellar Builder in Vancouver

Have a hassle-free wine cellar conversion project by hiring a master builder in Vancouver. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is proud to have helped hundreds of Vancouver-area homeowners, builders and designers build beautiful, functional wine cellars.

Need help with your next project? Contact us today at 1-888-400-2675.