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39. Park Royal BC Liquor Store

Team Up with The Best Commercial Wine Cellar Designers in Canada to Boost Your Wine Business!

For a wine store, display and merchandising of fine vintages is key when it comes to sales. To achieve a beautiful and functional display, working with some of the best commercial wine cellar designers in Canada is a great first step.

Park Royal Liquor Store took the smart step and partnered with Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to create one of the finest liquor stores in West Vancouver. Its collection of fine wines has become an attraction to wine lovers what with the store’s contemporary design.

The affluence of West Vancouver proves to be a great place for Park Royal liquor store’s sophisticated structure and wide array of fine wines. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars meticulous work on the store enhanced its presence, attracting more customers.

A Welcoming Wine Cellar with Contemporary Design at Park Royal Shopping Centre – A Treat for the Neighborhood

Wine rack at entrance

Nestled between the mountains and the beach, Park Royal Shopping Center in West Vancouver is home to over 200+ shops and to a beautiful new BC Liquor Store, the largest signature liquor store in British Columbia. Its fine wine cellar holds 360 high end wine bottles in the most prominent area of the store.

The shopping centre is popular for its indoor and outdoor activities, special events, and restaurants.

A Combination of Contemporary and Classic Design – by Top-Notch Commercial Wine Cellar Designers in Canada

In building a commercial wine cellar that fuses classic and contemporary, attention to detail is a must. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars makes it a point to keep the client’s design intact while maintaining creativity, good craftsmanship, and trademark in every project.

Wine racks that are easy on the eyes

Looking through double glass doors at wall of wine

Being the largest liquor store in BC, Park Royal is particular with its crowd-winning wine racks. The store chose to position the fine wine cellar at the center of attention, setting it up in the middle of the store where customers from all corners can see.

In the main cellar is a stunning Millesime wine racking display. It has clear anodized aluminum vertical posts and horizontal rails with black lacquered walnut end blocks. Brushed nickel Vintage View wine racks mounted top and bottom in each of the glass display cases. The brushed nickel freestanding island display racks on either side make it easy for customers to browse through their wine collection.

Sophisticated lighting for highlighting bottles without adding heat

In consultation with Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, the store had LED ceiling pot lights installed to add character to Blue Grouses’ already sophisticated wine racking design.

Angle view of main doors into the Fine Wines section.

Carefully designed doors for easy access and wine protection

In a modern commercial wine cellar, accuracy is paramount, and it goes all the way to the door. For this project, a full, clear, and frameless glass wall with multiple doors fronts the main display for easy access. Each door has a locking ladder pull handle. Careful installation and precise measurements are paramount to ensure these doors are sealed tight to protect the inside. Mohair weather stripping filled the tiny gaps.

A State-of-the-Art Climate Control System to Maintain the Finest Wines

What people see on the outside must be at its best, but what is on the inside must match up. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars’ priority apart from creating the finest design is to provide quality storage for the wines. For Park Royal’s wine cellar room, an R20 insulation and vapor barrier were installed.

Its climate control system has the best unit working to regulate the humidity and temperature for utmost wine preservation. The double ducted CellarPro 6200VSi Cooling Unit proves to be the ideal unit for Park Royal Liquor Store’s fine wine collection. The supply and return ducts connect to the openings in the ceiling while the cooling system sits on a platform above the wine cellar. To avoid heat buildup, the hot air exhaust and fresh air intake are also ducted from the unit.

Closeup of wine on the racks

CellarPro 6200VSi is quite a powerful choice as it compensates for the low R value of the front glass wall. It is also self-contained and does not require running a refrigerant line set. It helps that the client had room for the ducts so it can operate properly.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Can Create a Breathtaking Wine Cellar Design for Your Store!

When it comes to profitability, it is important to work hand-in-hand with the industry’s cream of the crop, and Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has some of the best commercial wine cellar designers in Canada. Our team of professionals always have your businesses’ best interest in mind, while integrating our creative expertise to give you the best results.

Call us today and know more about how we can help you start building a wine storage and display area in your liquor store, restaurant, or hotel. Please contact us at 1-866-646-7089.