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4. All Glass Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

Vancouver has long been known for its multi-cultural and avant-garde minded inhabitants.

Glassed in Contemporary Vancouver Wine Cellar

Nothing could say more to this culture than this amazing contemporary residential custom wine cellar we recently installed in West Vancouver.

Our client’s goal was to have a home wine cellar that would look much like an aquarium with all walls made from glass.

The intent to have it also in keeping with the iconic Vancouver skyline.

The overall design of their home is very contemporary and the wine cellar was to match it and become the prime focal point of their great room.

These particular clients are actually not huge wine drinkers themselves, they actually prefer martinis a lot of the time. They are however, very social people and like to entertain on a regular basis.

Stunning Wine Display and Storage Cellar

Stunning Wine Display and Storage Cellar Canada's Culture

Their feeling was that a stunning wine cellar would look wonderful and be something their guests would enjoy, also adding a wow-factor to their home.

We think you will agree, custom wine cellars like these, designed especially to complement high-end home décor, become a central feature showpiece in the home.

Installed in the great room, it’s impossible to not be impressed with the shear decadent elegance of an all glass wine display.

With a total capacity of 315 standard 750ml wine bottles, the racks were single bottle depth to the rear of the mounting frame and double bottle depth on the front.

We do not usually install more than one bottle deep on the back side as they can be a little difficult to access for some clients.

This style of racking are both popular and a state of the art solution for clients who are looking for a very clean and contemporary styled wine storage solution.

The cost is very reasonable and it really makes the wine stand out with all the labels on display.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration by ONAM for Stable Climate Control

Wine Cellar Refrigeration by ONAM for Stable Climate Control

In order to enable the wine cellar to be climate controlled and yet maintain the clean look in this all-glass enclosure, we installed the required cooling unit beneath the floor, in the crawl space.

We used an ONAM wine cellar refrigeration system, which is a self-contained water-cooled unit. This meant that plumbing and electrical connections were required. Installation was however relatively easy with no requirement for a separate refrigeration technician.

The ONAN cooling equipment we installed was a very powerful, high-end system. We often use this type of product when there is a lot of glass involved.

The insulation or R-factor of a completely glass wine cellar is lower than regular, well insulated, walls. There were two ducts coming off the wine cellar cooling unit (one for cool air supply and one for return air to the unit) and these connected to two openings through the floor of the wine cellar.

We covered the air supply and return openings with custom-fabricated, perforated metal grills. These were specially designed to match the racking, so that they would look in keeping with the whole wine room effect.

All Tempered Glass and Efficient Lighting

The glass enclosure itself was made from 12mm single pane tempered clear glass with a ceramic frit applied to the edges which makes up the black frame you see in the photo. This gives the cellar a sort of “iPhone” look.

West Vancouver Contemporary Custom Wine Display Design Drawing

All the glass was sealed and the doors trimmed with a mohair weather stripping product to ensure efficiency and the integrity of the internal environment. Special LED spotlights were installed in the ceiling to shine down through the racking, highlighting for dramatic effect without contributing any heat into the cellar. Wine cellar lighting has to be chosen carefully as adding heat to a wine cellar can make it inefficient and prone to problems.

If you have a project to create a wine display or mass storage wine cellar in your home, call 1-888-400-2675 and get a no obligation design and quote. Transform your home today with a stunning custom residential wine cellar!