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40. Ultra Modern Float Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

This Floating Cable Wine Rack in Canada Will Make Your Jaw Drop

It seems that these West Vancouver homeowners followed Don Draper’s advice for their contemporary wine cellar project: “Make it simple but significant.” So, they went for a wine room with floating cable wine rack in their Canada residential home, which proves that less is more. A modern wine cellar does not have to be complicated to be visually appealing.

Floating cable wine rack

Being the wine lovers that they are, the owners find the floating cable wine rack with a minimalist contemporary design fitting for a modern home. A huge space is not even necessary for this wine cellar to make an impact. All that was needed is an empty spot in the homeowners’ recreation room and the spirits are just within their reach.

The clients contacted Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to set it up. Working with the team, their idea of a modern but minimalist wine cellar turned out to be something more than a simple wine room.

Blue Grouse’s Ultra Modern Wine Racks in Canada Takes Wine Cellars to a New Level

Blue Grouse has been in the business of making wine cellars for years now and this floating cable wine rack in Canada is another one of their finest works. This project cements their reputation as the best among wine cellars builders in Canada.

The wine cellar has an 18’ x 3’ x 9’ dimension and it can hold at least 63 bottles of wine from top to bottom. Inside is a cascade of wine bottles, beautiful wall and flooring, sophisticated cooling system, and pure amazement from top to bottom.

Wine Rack Extraordinaire

Full view of the floating cable wine rack

The wine room is no doubt a gorgeous sight to behold with a series of floating racks held together by high-tension cables. The thick and durable clear glass cradles leave only a hint and give the illusion of floating bottles when viewed from afar. Come closer and the structure will still bewilder an onlooker from floor to ceiling, where brushed nickel mounting hardware serves as anchors for the cables.

Multiple columns of floating wine racks define this contemporary wine cellar. Even with a minimalist concept, it’s a wine room that’s too handsome to ignore, and one that owners of ultra-modern wine cellars in Canada will envy.

Clear Glass Door

The wine cellar door is a significant part of the design. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars and the homeowners agreed that a glass door is the best choice for a contemporary floating cable wine rack.

The three-panel glass front wall allows maximum visibility of the stunning wine racks inside. The middle section with glass door is frameless while the side panels are framed and insulated with argon gas to increase the efficiency.

A Floating Cable Wine Rack in Canada with an Attitude

Angled closeup view of wire wine rack

The iron colored wall serves the backdrop for the chain of wine bottles. The LED lighting, which the owners and their designer, Janet Scagel, personally picked for the wine room, makes the wall shimmer. The oak flooring, on the other hand, complements the stone columns, which also make for a nice partition for the wine collections by date or region.

Climate Control System

For a contemporary wine cellar, an up-to-date climate control system will be the best match, one that is flexible, has maximum cooling power, and energy-saving features. The CellarPro 4000S Split System Cooling unit delivers these and more. It has adjustable humidity control with extra-large coils for maximum cooling. The quick-chill mode and auto-defrost functions provide convenience.

The unit is easy to install and easy to maintain. It not only protects your wine, but it also has features that protects itself, such as the audible and visual alarms and maintenance-needed indicators. Compared to other units, it also generates less noise and minimal vibrations.

This cooling unit choice was determined by running a thermal load calculation taking into consideration the frameless and insulated glass panels on the front of the wine cellar.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers turn-key wine storage solutions for builders, homeowners, and commercial establishments. Please contact us to set an appointment for a showroom visit.

The unit is installed on the left side of the wine cellar and close to the ceiling. The controls are located on the front face of the unit for easy access. Connected by a copper refrigerant line set, its condenser sits outside the home on a concrete pad with a cover to protect it from the weather. Installing the condenser outdoors is the best option so that the heat generated will easily dissipate.

Meanwhile, the side and back wall of the wine cellar are insulated to R20 with a vapor barrier on the warm side, while the ceiling is insulated to R30.

If You Want Your Own Floating Cable Wine Rack in Canada, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Can Build You One

This floating cable wine rack in Canada is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of work that Blue Grouse Wine Cellars built with pride. Its team of wine cellar specialists has a good grip of what contemporary means. These experts also know what exactly the client wants and went beyond expectations.

With Blue Grouse, every project is a different one. If you want your own ultra modern wine cellar for your home or wine store, the company’s line is open.

Call Blue Grouse Wine Cellars today and let’s turn your modern wine cellar dreams into a reality.