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41. MP Lighting Wine Cellar in Vancouver

Wine Cellar Lighting Solutions in Vancouver – Turning a Basement Wine Cellar into a Masterpiece

Among other things, the gorgeous wine cellar lighting makes this Vancouver wine cellar truly special. The homeowners were uncompromising when it came to creating a functional cellar with a wow-factor. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars worked with them to install the stunning MP Lighting wine racks.

A contemporary wine cellar in black to complete this Vancouver home

Looking through glass to contemporary wine cellar in black.

The clients chose to configure their wine cellar in the basement of their new home in Vancouver. One of the challenges that they faced was how to light their wine cellar. This led them to team up with Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to help them create a wine showcase that will radiate their contemporary classic concept.

As a top residential wine cellar builder in Canada, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars knows exactly how to interpret the client’s vision. The team also provided the best lighting solution through MP Lighting wine racks. The result is a modern and classy space to store their favourite bottles.

The project turned out to be a stylish piece of art. It is compact with an impressive 144-bottle storage capacity that adds glamour to the bar and entertainment area. The sophisticated black finish, classy lighting, top-of-the-line climate control system, and an array of fine wines make this a dream wine cellar for any wine aficionado.

The lighting system emphasizes the wine cellar’s details

For Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, it’s a remarkable feat to add to their portfolio!

Building a Spectacular Wine Cellar – the Details

Is it the quality of wines that makes a wine cellar special? Is it the structure? Perhaps it’s the size of the collection? A wine enthusiast would say it’s all of these. But like an actor on the theatre stage without a spotlight, a wine cellar without elegant lighting to go with it, let alone a basement wine cellar, will not shine.

Wine Racking with the Best Lighting for a Wine Cellar Vancouver Residents will Love!

The tiled floor with pebble trough around surely makes a statement but the wine racking system is another feature that makes this wine cellar special. Mounted to the tiles on the wall, the racks are set up vertically one foot apart from each other. In this position, the light installed above the wine racks diffuses evenly. You will notice that the black tiles and warm white lighting make the wine bottles stand out.

The wine cellar’s lighting runs down to the black tiled floor with pebbles around it

The wiring for the lighting runs up the wall-mounted rail, connecting to a 1-watt LED light on each arm of the wine rack. Each column of racking is powered by a dimmable transformer.

MP Lighting is one of the leading providers of specification-grade architectural LED fixtures in Vancouver, BC. The company has also made a mark as a provider of high-quality wine cellar lighting in Vancouver. In this particular cellar, the wine is displayed label forward and two bottles deep. Their wine racking system is customizable in a number of ways: display bottles neck or label forward and vertical rails can be mounted directly to the wall (as shown in this cellar) or suspended floor-to-ceiling with the addition of top and bottom mounting brackets.


Why would you hide a fantastic view? The clients see no need for a wood door as the wine cellar is a work of art you should be able to see from afar. You will have a good view of everything from the outside as the cellar’s door is entirely made of frameless glass. The black hardware used not only matches the wine racks’ finish but also serves as accents. Although minimal, this addition makes a huge impact style-wise.

Climate Control System

With exception of the frameless glass front wall, the wine cellar walls have R20 insulation and vapor barrier on the warm side of the insulation. The ceiling is insulated to R30.

Blue Grouse chose the WhisperKOOL 8000S ceiling mounted split system to cool this wine cellar. The unit’s evaporator is installed fully recessed into the ceiling’s cavity. The condenser is located outdoors and refrigerant lines connect the two. This cooling system works efficiently with no ducting required. The grille of the unit comes with a durable black powder-coated finish, which is a perfect match to the wine cellar’s style.

Seductive Wine Cellar Lighting

How to Achieve Seductive Wine Cellar Lighting for your Vancouver Residence

Choosing the right people to complete your wine cellar project is key to achieving a cellar high on form and function. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is a well-respected residential wine cellar builder in Canada.

A team of designers and builders will work with you from start to finish, making sure that you get what you want in your wine cellar.