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50. Custom Home “Snug” Wine Bar Design in Canada

The Snug – An Extraordinary Way to Create A Fine Home Wine Bar Design in this Kamloops Home!

It’s nice to build your home wine bar design when you live in a place like Kamloops, Canada, where trees are abundant and the mountains are your backdrop. It’s the perfect place to have a ‘snug’. In Irish, a ‘snug’ means “a cozy room in a pub.” It’s not a snug if it isn’t cozy, but you don’t need a pub to have one.

With a residential place surrounded by an awe-inspiring landscape, having a snug perfectly completes the home. Although far from the business district, this home wine bar created a bit of the city in our client’s own home. Reasonably, you shouldn’t have to travel far just to have a sip of bourbon or buy a bottle of your favorite wine – place it within the reach of your home!

Would a few liquor bottles and an unused space enough to create your own snug? If you already have a wine room, what design methods would give you that ‘snug’ experience? If you have a concept and space, you should find wine cellar experts to put everything together.

Good wines blend well with lush scenery. However, drinking wine can be a choice between the beauteous outdoors or a fine wine cellar inside your home. If you have The Snug, a home wine bar design in Canada, you are blessed.

The Snug – An Exquisite Yet Modest Home Wine Bar Design in Kamloops, Canada

Working with the right people matters a lot if you want to achieve the design you want. Seasoned wine cellar builders will do a great job starting with the materials to use, the appropriate cooling equipment, suitable furnishings, and the installations.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar is among the industry experts with mastery in small and large-sized commercial and residential wine cellars. The team has done numerous projects in Canada, where wine lovers abound.

The Snug is one of Blue Grouse Wine Cellar’s latest projects. Set in Kamloops, British Columbia, northeast of Vancouver, this residential wine cellar is a gem, truly living up to its name. Looking at this entire room, though small, will surely inspire a visitor to open a bottle and cozy up, and appreciate drinking wine the Irish way.

The owner would have Blue Grouse Wine Cellar take on the project in all respects, but the location has been a great challenge. Due to the distance, Blue Grouse Wine Cellar and the clients agreed that we would design the wine room and build the millwork, while he would have his own team install them based on the final blueprint.

Designing the Snug

Soon after the client reached out to Blue Grouse Wine Cellar, the team prepared three design layouts for the wine room.

The first design was simpler and straightforward with a capacity of 650 bottles, yet no climate control considerations. It was mostly wine storage with several individual slots, open vault bins, and an archway with a small countertop for display.

The second design has a smaller capacity – 400 bottles – but with additional cabinetry. For this version, the team retained the individual storage, diamond bins, and archway, but a dedicated space for the client’s own humidor was added.

For the third and winning design, the team created a 340-bottle capacity plan and added built-in climate control wine cabinets, a space for the humidor, and an archway with additional stemware.

Display Rows with an Attitude

The Snug has a 340-bottle capacity, some of which can be stored in the vertical display rows on the left and right side of the archway. The display rows have three layers per side and each layer can hold four wine bottles.

Fine Cabinetry with Functionality

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar’s design included a Vino Pro BU490 Designer Series all-glass door full-extension shelving model. Inside the cabinet, the wines are displayed in a label-forward position, allowing for careful wine selection without opening the cabinet doors. This type of shelving also helps prolong the wine’s shelf life as the temperature will be well-regulated.

Also, the upper and lower cabinets have adjustable shelves to accommodate different sizes of wine bottles.

Classy LED Lighting System

Adding to the contemporary classic ambiance are the LED lights installed in the display rows. The upper and lower cabinets, as well as the archway, are also equipped with LED pot lights. Meanwhile, LED strip lights with diffuser was installed in the display rows.

A Fancy Archway with Stemware

A definite show-stealer, the archway comes with a countertop, which can either hold additional liquor bottles or some art décor for attraction. Inside the archway are functional four-layer, eight-rack stemware on both sides for wine glasses. When not occupied, it can be turned into an additional storage space.

Humidor for Fine Cigars

The client not only fancies fine liquors but fine cigars, too! It turns out the client has a growing collection of both, which is why the Blue Grouse Wine Cellar team found a suitable space to incorporate the Mini Tower 1000 Humidor into the home wine bar design.

The team thought it’s best set up below the countertop, where it lines up perfectly with the lower, LED lighted cabinets. Sure, the Humidor is reserved for the cigars but its simple, yet refined finish also makes it an ornamental addition.

A James Tobacco Loveseat for a Cozy Canada Home Wine Bar Design

What more can you add to an already distinguished wine room? A James Tobacco Loveseat is the ideal furniture to go with the wines, the cigars, and the mood. With one double and two single-seaters, the sofa set screams cozy from color to quality, ideal for a wine room where relaxation seems to be the only option.

The Millwork That Stuns

It started with a small, empty room and a concept. Despite the challenges, Blue Grouse Wine Cellar was able to demonstrate its creative prowess through the interior design and millwork. Our remote collaboration with the client’s installers caused magic to happen as The Snug turned out to be a success.

The millwork was done in maple with stain and lacquer finish blending nicely with the baroque ceiling, walls, and all-glass doorway.

If Wine is Your Passion, a Cozy Wine Room is Perfect for You!

If you also have a growing collection of fine liquors and are dreaming of a cozy home wine bar design like The Snug in this Canada home, now is the time to build one! Use the extra space in your house or convert a barely used room for your wine haven.

Whether you are worried about the location or the budget, Blue Grouse Wine Cellar will make things happen for you so you can fully enjoy your wines in the most convenient way.

Our team of wine cellar specialists will assist you with planning, installation, and finishing. We will help you choose the best materials and equipment for your private or commercial wine rooms. We provide the best wine cellar solutions for all our clients in Canada and the US.

Contact us today and let’s start working on your home wine bar design!