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51. Contemporary Wine Cellars in Terminal City Club Vancouver

Have You Seen the Best Contemporary Wine Cellars in Vancouver? You’ll Love Terminal City Club’s Wine Lockers!

Contemporary wine cellars in Vancouver are becoming more and more popular, both in people’s homes and businesses. The Terminal City Club is basically a combination of home and business when you consider the number of members that get together there to socialize on a regular basis.

After a busy work week focusing on business and career, people enjoy getting together with friends and colleagues. Some just want to kick back with a friend or two, while others enjoy networking in a more relaxed environment. What better way to do either of these things than over a glass or two of fine wine?

The Terminal City Club understands that a combination of good wine and a relaxing environment is a winning combination for people who are always on the go. This inspired them to convert their pool hall into a simple, contemporary wine cellar in Vancouver.

With the help of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars and Kurtz Design’s Jennifer Kurtz, Terminal City Club’s members can now enjoy perfectly protected wine from their own collections, conveniently at the club.

From a Plain Pool Hall to a Fine Wine Room

Wine wall at the back of the room with pool table and sitting area in the foreground.

Terminal City Club is a private members club in downtown Vancouver in Canada. It was built in 1892 as a businessmen’s club and later evolved into a prestigious and inclusive recreational place where members socialize and expand their network.

The recreational facility has various amenities such as a swimming pool, squash courts, fitness center, bars, and restaurants. The building also has a members’ lounge with several pool tables to entertain visitors. It’s a great place to mingle and pass time, but it was destined to be more than just a pool hall.

Terminal City Club thought a wine cellar would be a great addition. It would provide a convenient storage solution for members who want their favorite wines on hand to share with friends or enjoy on their own.

Wine Bottle Lockers for a Unique Contemporary Wine Cellar in Canada

Full frame shot of wine wall with ghosted image of somebody walking in front of it.

Billiards are great, but better with wine! While hanging out and playing pool with friends, members can now enjoy a glass of their chosen wine. Since the members’ lounge was redesigned and repurposed, members may also relax on the comfortable furniture with their beverage of choice and never touch a pool cue!

As part of the redesign of the members’ lounge, done in conjunction with Kurtz Design, straightforward climate-controlled wine storage was installed. This attractive, functional display consists of 144 individual lockers that can store 1872 wine bottles in total. At the top center of the wine wall are 12 lockers with 24-bottle capacity, and surrounding them are 132 lockers with a 12-bottle capacity, all in a label-forward display.

Cooling System

Closeup of wine columns filled with bottles of wine

Although the wine cellar’s design looks simple and straightforward at face value, there is a more complex cooling process happening behind the scenes.

Two water-cooled split systems were installed which are hooked into a closed-loop system. This satisfied the city water bylaw and is more environmentally friendly as the water is recirculated. The millwork and locker design was done in consideration of airflow and functionality for cooling the space. The complete bank of wine lockers is cooled to the same temperature, approximately 14 degrees Celsius but the staff can adjust this slightly if desired.

The supply and return air of the cooling unit is important to keep the temperature optimal. So, looking closely, there are air gaps in front and behind the wine bottles to allow for quality airflow for the cooling unit.

On the back of the lockers, which have individual locks, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars also installed a black powder coated mesh material to protect the wine bottles from getting pushed through the back of the locker into the air circulation space.

Smart and Elegant Wine Racks

With a few remaining billiard tables, furniture pieces in the foreground, and a glorious wine locker wall, the member’s lounge has become a favorite spot in Terminal City Club.

The classy wine lockers are kept behind doors made of custom stained maple with glass inserts. Each smaller locker is four-bottle tall and 3-bottles deep and each larger locker is exactly double that size. Black anodized aluminum rails support the bottles in this wine display. The doors have bubble seals to keep the lockers airtight for efficient cooling.

Elegant LED Lighting Systems Work Best with Contemporary Wine Cellars in Vancouver

To enhance the wine lockers’ magnificence, LED lights were installed on the backside of the door frames. LED lighting is a great choice for wine cellars as it doesn’t emit heat. Using this type of lighting will not affect the cooling performance. Terminal City Club’s electrician is responsible for this element, and they did a great job matching Blue Grouse Wine Cellar’s design.

Find Inspiration in This Contemporary Wine Cellar Project and Design Your Wine Room Today

Looking towards bar with refrigerated area behind.

Many contemporary wine cellars in Vancouver have stunning designs and it’s no wonder a lot of people would want to have their own contemporary wine cellar in Canada. Each wine cellar is unique and the secret to creating an extraordinary wine room is to know what you want and work with the best builders and designers, namely Kurtz Design and Blue Grouse Wine Cellars.

Together with Kurtz Design, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has successfully translated the idea of leisure and relaxation into an awe-inspiring magnificence. The Terminal City Club members’ lounge is just one of our team’s exceptional projects. We have built countless contemporary wine cellars in Vancouver over the years and the numbers are growing.

Our team aims to give life to your wine cellar design ideas for commercial and residential constructions. In each project, we put out our heart, creativity, and passion in order to deliver exceptional outcomes that represent your concept.

If you are looking to build a wine cellar of your own for your home or wine store, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is at your service. Talk to us so we can get started as soon as possible!