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53. Contemporary Atlanta Wine Cellar with Floating Wall Wine...

Contemporary Wine Cellars: How Wine Cellar Experts Made this Small Wine Room Come Alive

For passionate wine lovers, contemporary wine cellars are also a thing to behold. How nice it would be to have a personal wine cellar at home where you can browse through your favorite wines. It is not only convenient but also satisfying.

Interior view of wine cellar including ceiling light.

Life is easier if you can quickly access your wines from your own home rather than from a liquor store, which may be a mile away from the leisure district. You can also grow your collection in an elegant storage that you would be proud of.

It’s an exciting thought for many homeowners, except for those who may think that their limited space at home is an issue. You may think that converting a small room into a wine cellar is infeasible, but this should not discourage you.

Know this: there is no space too small for a good wine cellar builder or a passionate wine lover. A small space should not stop you from pursuing your dream of having a wine cellar installed in the comforts of your own home.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars will prove it! In collaboration with Atlanta Wine Cellar, the team has successfully completed a small wine cellar design for an Atlanta client. This project demonstrates that size is never a hindrance when building a contemporary wine cellar that’s rich in design and has a lot of room for your wine collection.

Small Space, Rich Design, Huge Storage

Wine cellars often give you a vision of a huge space with hundreds of wine bottles segregated into size, brand, and type. You may imagine a room filled with spirits from floor to ceiling with wine glasses around and a center table. Can a small room be transformed into a contemporary, style-rich wine cellar? For Atlanta Wine Cellar, it’s no walk in the park but possible.

The team got to work starting with the design and layout, moving to the installation, and then adding the design elements that turned the client’s humble room into a dazzling wine cellar with an ample wine storage space.

Set up on the left side of the dining area, the small cellar seems like a burst of spirits amid a minimalist environment that’s painted in pure white. Illuminated by an integrated LED lighting system, the wine bottles, and interior design are a definite attraction.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar furnished the room with three types of exceptional wine racking systems: float wine racking system, VINdustry wine peg, and diamond bins.

Floating wall wine rack – a must-have in contemporary wine cellars

Closeup of wine bottles on glass floating shelves

Clean lines, simplicity, sophistication, and subtle textures are the marks of contemporary design. A good designer can manipulate these characteristics into anything, wine racks included. Caroline of Atlanta Wine Cellar decided that Blue Grouse Wine Cellar’s float wine racking system is a perfect choice.

Set up elegantly on the right-side wall from floor to ceiling, high-tension cables support the float wine racking. It comes with an upgraded colored glass cradle that is flexible as it accommodates different wine bottle sizes, including magnums.

Standard cradles are clear but for this wine cellar, the team used dark grey in satin chrome finish.

VINdustry wine pegs – Elegantly flexible

Wine pegs are a favorite among wine cellar owners and designers alike because of their flexibility and simplicity. It’s also a smart storage solution as they come in one, two, and three-bottle deep sizes. For the client’s small space and huge wine collection, the three-bottle deep is a perfect choice.

With a milled aluminum finish, each peg has light gray rubber rings to firmly grip and secure the bottles in place. Other wine peg systems need to be screwed from the back panel of the wall making them an inconvenient choice for areas that already have a finished wall.

The wine pegs used for this wine cellar are more flexible, allowing the team to install them from the front, directly through the face of the millwork.

Diamond bins – good capacity, space-saver

Diamond bins are also a common sight in many private or commercial wine cellars. Its versatile form provides enough room for multiple bottles in one cell, a perfect choice for small contemporary wine cellars with plenty of bottles to store. Those who buy bottles in cases would find this wine racking system favorable.

Integrated LED lighting system that’s wine-cellar friendly

Using an integrated LED lighting system in contemporary wine cellars is practical. This lighting system does not emit heat, which helps regulate the temperature inside the room. Function is one thing and design is another. For this wine cellar, the team placed an oversized light bulb-style in the middle of the ceiling. It not only functions as lighting but also as modern décor.

To illuminate the wines and enhance the design elements, lighting is also installed around the VINdustry wine pegs’ millwork, floating wall wine rack frame, and diamond bins.

Harmony and symmetry

To make the bottle formation more pleasing to the eye, Caroline of Atlanta Wine Cellar had the bottles line up on the same horizontal planes. This way, the bottles flow nicely around the room, and navigating the wine racking system is hassle-free.

Glass Doors for clear view of wines

Looking into wine cellar from outside with glass doors open

There are reasons that glass doors are favored over wooden doors for their wine cellars. One, you don’t want to keep this elegance hidden. Two, you want to have a quick view of wine bottles. The clear frameless glass doors that open from the middle, further refine the wine cellar’s modern theme. It also provides more view into the beauty and substance that are inside.

Countertop – functional, flexible, and beautiful

Bigger contemporary wine cellars have small tables inside. But for this small wine cellar design, a space-efficient countertop is the best alternative. Sitting below the VINdustry wine pegs is a decent-sized countertop for displays and wine glasses. It can also be used for wine sorting.

For Expert Wine Cellar Designers, Nothing’s Too Small When Creating Contemporary Wine Cellars

View of floating bottles on the right with pegged rack showing on the left.

Creating spectacular contemporary wine cellars is not a problem for wine cellar specialists who have a lot of room to work with. But a small wine cellar design challenges them even more. It stirs their creative juices and inspires them to stretch their imagination.

If you want to turn your small room into a wine cellar that’s as captivating as this Atlanta home, have the experts do it for you.

Emerging as a powerhouse in the wine cellar building industry, Blue Grouse Wine Cellar together with Atlanta Wine Cellar will produce for you a work of art that wine connoisseurs and aficionados would appreciate. Blue Grouse Wine Cellar’s first-class racking system and Atlanta Wine Cellar’s remarkable design ideas will bring your dream wine room to life!

Our seasoned wine cellar builders have built many commercial and residential wine cellars, big and small. With a mastery in wine cellar building, you can be sure that we will deliver you high quality and stunning work so you can enjoy your wines in style.

Let’s talk and get started with your wine cellar project!