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54. Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar in West Vancouver

Seeing it Through: This Small Frameless Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar Did Not Fail to Stun

Do you have a tiny space at home that you would like to turn into something functional, say, a glass enclosed wine cellar? But just the thought of it may be intimidating considering the time, effort, and creative process. Additionally, this type of project, which you envisioned to be design-rich, is prone to error when you have a limited space to work with.

It may seem too big a concept for a tiny corner, but if you are creative enough and your builders are exceptional, anything is possible! The people you would task to do the job matter. Your chosen team of wine cellar builders is key in achieving the results that you want.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar’s recent project is one worth following. With a very small almost unused space, the team was able to pull off a great job.

From an Unused Space to a Custom Glass Wine Cellar

This glass wine room was built in a beautiful modern home located in West Vancouver. In terms of design, it’s a place where you can find comfort and a reason to smile everywhere you turn. Down at the entertainment area, the homeowners have a small unenclosed nook with a curved wall, which was originally intended for relaxing with a glass of wine in hand. But then again, they barely got to use it despite the inviting soft couches and a minimalist centre table.

Before it became an abandoned space with too few memories to cherish, they decided to turn it into a wine cellar. Compared to an empty resting place, a wine cellar is a more exciting idea. So, the couple hired Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to make this happen.

The team met with the homeowners to discuss the details of the design that they had in mind—what they wanted it to look like, the materials they wanted to use, finishes, the number of wine bottles they want to store, and the overall feel for the space.

A Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar That’s Packed with Elegance and Power

There are three steps to turn an open curved space into a wine cellar: enclose it, add the wine racking, and then set up the temperature control. After surveying the area and taking measurements, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars’ design team began drafting the plan for the glass-enclosed wine cellar.

Single-pane frameless glass design

One of the most interesting features of the wine cellar is the glass door. The original draft had a framed insulated glass enclosure which is more efficient than frameless glass. However, the thick frame did not impress the clients and they favored the 12mm single-pane frameless glass design.

The super clear frameless glass was done as a Starphire low iron glass, removing the green tinge that can sometimes be seen around the edges of the glass. It is almost invisible but there’s a thin mohair low-pile weatherstripping around the door. This fuzzy strip around the perimeter of the door seals the tiniest gaps between the edges, sidelights, floor, and ceiling that will keep the air from escaping.

The matte black hardware consists of u-channel that surrounds the fixed panels of the glass, the hinges and door handle. Without a thick frame to obstruct the vision, one can see the entire custom cellar millwork and wine collection through it.

It was indeed more welcoming even though it came with a price. It needed more cooling power to compensate for the lack of R value, but the team provided just the right cooling unit for this type of enclosure.


Cellar Pro 4200VSi: A Strong Cooling System for a Small Wine Cellar

View of the full wine cellar

For the cooling system, the team used the Cellar Pro 4200VSi with two ducting hoods and ducting kits. This USA-made equipment boasts of high-quality performance, the reason why Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has been using it for many of its projects.

The crew installed the four ducts of the cooling system in a storage closet located behind the wine cellar. Two of the ducts go into the wine cellar—one blows the cold air in and one directs the return air back to the cooling unit. The other two ducts run up over the top of the door—one exhausts the hot air and the other pulls in fresh air for the cooling system.

More Design Elements to Catch Your Attention

Closeup of right interior of wine cellar

The glass enclosure and the cooling system are impressive but we haven’t yet delved into the details of the custom millwork and hardware that adorn this 400-bottle capacity wine room.

Classy Millwork and Wine Racking System That Complement the Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar

This small wine cellar owes its classy and nostalgic ambiance to the Red Oak millwork with a custom stain and lacquer finish. The client presented a sample of their desired wine cellar finish, and the Blue Grouse Wine Cellar team effectively replicated it to their satisfaction.

The wine racking system has a combination of rectangular and diamond bulk bins that are perfect for homeowners who buy wines by the case. Each bin can hold eight wine bottles and it’s recommended that they be the same bottle of wine. A case of wine can fit nicely into the rectangular bins as well.

On top of the bins is a custom, LED-lit display row. Wines can be displayed at a 15-degree angle which still keeps the corks wet.

Discreet VINdustry Peg Hardware to Create the Illusion of Floating Bottles

Just above the lit display row is a series of enclosures for label view bottle display. Here, wine bottles are held securely by sturdy three bottles-deep VINdustry wine pegs in black anodized aluminum finish. Blue Grouse Wine Cellar also used anchor bolts to mount through the face of the millwork.

A Beautiful Archway to Add Charm

This wine cellar can take your breath away looking at the entire construction, but there’s one feature that attracts the most attention: the beautiful archway in the centre of this homeowners’ wine room. With a small lit counter space, it also provides a useable counter area for sorting bottles and also for displaying decanters or other items.

On top of the archway are spaces to store label-forward magnum bottles.

LED Lighting to Enhance its Beauty

The wine collection, impressive millwork, and frameless single-pane door already make this glass-enclosed wine cellar a sight to behold. But Blue Grouse Wine Cellar was not done yet.

View of left interior wall of wine cellar

To complete the wine cellar, an electrician installed the LED lighting in the wine racking system, including the display rows and archway. The team also set up several pot lights in the ceiling. These LED lights have an adjustable brightness feature for the homeowners’ convenience.

For Expert Wine Cellar Specialists, Nothing’s Too Small When Creating Contemporary Wine Cellars

You too can have a glass-enclosed wine cellar, no matter the space you have available. One of the things you may be worried about is the cooling system set-up, especially if your chosen location seems awkward to hold the ducts.

Temperature control is something Blue Grouse Wine Cellars specializes in and can almost always find a solution for.

Over the years, we have completed state-of-the-art residential and commercial wine cellars for hundreds of satisfied clients. Our design and building teams will deliver results with the best quality design and installation.

Know your options, take your best pick, and let us help you build your wine cellar. Call Blue Grouse Wine Cellars today!