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55. Traditional Wood Wine Racking in Basement Wine Cellar,...

How to Transform Your Basement into a Wine Cellar with Traditional Wood Wine Racks 

We had a wine enthusiast consult with us on building his own home wine cellar in his newly purchased house. Our client previously lived in a condo and had his wine collection stored in a series of cabinets. Eventually, his wine collection grew, and he needed more storage space for his wine bottles. With the purchase of a new home, with more space, he elected to convert a space in his basement to a wine cellar.

Our team conducted a site visit to check the house and confirm the basement was a feasible location to have the wine room. He had a large niche-type area which we would build a wall in front of to fully enclose the space. He opted for a traditional design with wooden racks and wall paneling to achieve a rustic and contemporary concept of the basement wine cellar. Learn more as we discuss this beautiful transformation of a basic basement into one of the most beautiful home wine cellars with traditional wine racks.

Creating Traditional Pieces with Wood Wine Racks

photo of the entrance of a basement wine cellar with traditional wood wine racks

This is the astonishing view when you enter the basement wine cellar.

Building home wine cellars today can be very convenient and accessible. With modern technology and innovative concepts and the right team to build it, you can pretty much come up with any type of wine cellar you want for your home. From traditional designs to contemporary themes, a part of your home can have a full wine nook transformation.

With our recent client, traditional patterns in the form of wood wine racks were used to achieve a rustic design for his basement.

Our designer drafted a 3D outline to give the homeowner a better visualization of the wine room. The type and layout of the wine racking were well-detailed so he could understand how he could organize his collection, where his non-standard bottles would fit, and how many bottles he would be able to store, in total.

The goal was to fit 1,200 bottles of wine and with smart wood wine racking solutions, we were able to maximize the limited space by using at least four (4) different racking solutions. From individual bottle storage, diamond bin loose bottle storage, label view shelves, and bulkhead to angle bottle display, we came up with all these wood racking patterns to effectively fit his wine bottle collection as well as create an attractive display. The peninsula wine racking display was also designed to hold the wine bottles in a waterfall or staircase-like pattern which added a more modern flair to an otherwise mostly traditional design. All in all, these wood wine racking solutions brought about an elegant and traditional design to the whole room.

Important Features to Complete Your Traditional Wine Room

Wine cellars of the past used to be located solely in rooms underground. The purpose was to exploit subterranean temperature influences for the ideal maturation of wine. With today’s innovation of new technology in refrigeration equipment, wine cellars can be built in almost any space in your home.

For our client’s basement, we installed a modern entrance door made from solid walnut wood and insulated glass. As you enter the room, you are welcomed by a beautiful display of wine bottles stored in traditional wood wine racks. The wall panels we installed were made with beeswax walnut wood, the same as the wine racks. We also needed to install a raised, insulated floor to mitigate the influence of the in-floor radiant heating. Additionally, we accented some of the wine bottles by installing warmer color temperature LED lighting in the bulkhead and angled wine racking display. These tiny features highlight the traditional wood wine racks that make up our client’s beautiful wine cellar.

How to Store Your Wine Safely with Self-Contained Cooling Solutions

The allotted basement used for the wine cellar was originally just a plain white room with carpeted flooring and a small window for ventilation. Initially, it wasn’t fit for wine storage. But our team went to work to install proper insulation, vapor barrier and then installed a through-wall, self-contained cooling unit, making use of the window opening.

We chose the Whisper Kool Extreme 5000TiR for our client’s wine room and made sure it provided tantamount cooling temperature for the wine bottles. We also made sure the cooling system didn’t ruin the ambiance provided by the traditional wood wine racks but installing a louvered grille in front of it. We then installed a hard-wired control panel beside the wine cellar door for easy viewing and management of controls.

Transform Your Basement into A Wine Room with Traditional Wood Racks!

Photo of a basement wine cellar with traditional wood wine rack.

The traditional wood wine racks look perfect inside this basement wine cellar.

Traditional wood wine racks are one of the best designs for modern wine cellars. Whether at home or in a basement, you can transform any space into a luxurious wine nook without sacrificing too much space.

Direct view of wooden wine cabinet

Our traditional custom wood racks can be configured to fit a variety of spaces and house collections big or small. Depending on the materials chosen we can also work with a variety of budgets.

If you are looking into building a wine cellar in your basement, call us now at 1 (888) 400-2675. Our team will happily guide you through the process and provide beautiful designs for your consideration.

Photo looking into wine cellar from the door.