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56. Luxury Wine Storage at The Vaults in Canada

With a Modern Wine Cellar Design, The Vaults Is Not Your Typical Storage Condominium


A modern wine cellar design can turn a simple space into a stunning work of art or a stylish venue no matter the size. Set up one in your basement and it instantly becomes a sensation; build a contemporary wine cellar design in your Canada home’s garage and you will have an upbeat workroom. If you have not yet heard of a garage with a wine cellar in it or if you think it does not make sense, this unit at The Vaults will prove otherwise.

As a premier storage facility in Canada, The Vaults offers its clients freedom to design their own units for their ultimate enjoyment. One of our clients decided to up the ante and enhance the unit’s backdrop with a modern luxury wine rack system. Not only would it bring style to the place but it would also inspire camaraderie and relaxation.

The Vaults Calgary’s Classy Modern Wine Cellar Build

“At the Vaults, your passion lives here.” And the company stays true to its principle. As Canada’s leading secured storage facility, The Vaults offers clients a personal space for their custom cars, high-end motorcycles, boats, and other recreational vehicles.

Each suite offers the ultimate convenience, entertainment, and relaxation for busy individuals looking to mellow out in style with their prized ride. One can simply chill in the provided lounges with interiors that inspire and destresses. And what would go well with a fine hang-out space? A good bottle of wine to drink alone or with company.

For this reason, our client who owns a unit at The Vaults decided to put up a wine display rack to make the most out of the occasional leisure time.

The Simply Spectacular Millesime Wine Rack System

The first design proposal included a 252-bottle capacity Vintage View wine racking system.

This Astonishing Millesime Wine Rack System was built for Canada’s leading secured storage facility, The Vaults. The wine storage was encased with a frameless glass enclosure and has a lighting system installed.

Grouse Wine Cellar’s Millesime version, which can hold 168 bottles.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars partnered with Bozena Interior Design to install the modern wine cellar design. The bottles are displayed in a double-deep Millesime wine rack that gives a floating illusion. Stored in a 14-inch structure made of black anodized aluminum, it’s a perfect match for the contemporary interior design by Bozena, including the furniture and railing.

The acrylic end blocks that connect the pegs to the upright post adds sparkle to the already sophisticated finish.

Luxury Wine Storage with Frameless Glass Enclosure

Running from floor to ceiling, The Vault’s modern wine rack system rests gracefully inside a frameless glass enclosure. The glass material is beautiful to the eye and accentuates the beauty of the bottles inside.

With this design, guests can easily view the wine display and take their pick even without opening the transparent wine ‘vault’.

Alluring Modern Lights to Complement an Exquisite Wine Storage

One might think that the lighting around the room would do but that’s not how Blue Grouse rolls. To emphasize Blue Grouse Wine Cellar’s modern wine cellar design, the lighting system must be upbeat as well.

Per the team’s instructions, overhead puck lights were installed to make wine browsing easier as it illuminates the labels. Some lighting was also installed outside of the racking system to enhance the style.

The Millesime Wine Rack System: One of the Best Modern Wine Cellar Builds in Canada

The Vault’s minimalist lounge is already a sight to behold with its industrial ambiance. The black furniture pieces, dark-shaded ceiling, and granite countertop gather a happy crowd from time to time. This whole facility in Canada can be a haven for those who need some time off their busy week, talking about their passion with like-minded people.

Handpicked by our client and installed by Bozena Interior Design, Blue Grouse Wine Cellar’s luxury Millesime wine storage certainly made this room more inviting. Ordinary and special moments are better enjoyed with fine wines in a stirring modern wine cellar design. Simple yet stunning, it’s a fine modern wine cellar build in Calgary.

The Millesime wine rack system has posts made with clear anodized aluminum. The pegs are also made with aluminum material and come in single, double, or triple-deep variations. With proper spacing and installation, anyone can have a modern wine cellar build for their Canada home or wine store.

Chill Out with a Modern Wine Cellar Design Made by the Industry’s Finest

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar’s Millesime wine rack system proves to be the best choice for a modern wine cellar design. Your guests will be surely blown away by the floating bottle effect and the sturdy wine pegs that keep them secured.

If you are looking to have one built for your home or building, work with premier designers and wine cellar builders to make sure your wine cellar turns out as stunning as you want them to be. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars promises to bring our team’s craftsmanship as we create the wine cellar of your dreams.

Working with a number of clients who want their own modern wine cellar build in Calgary has honed our skills. We have perfected the craft from the design side to the technical aspect. And you can guarantee we will do the same for your home or commercial wine cellar.

To know how we can work together, call us! Let’s discuss your wine cellar project and get started!