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1800XTS-EC Cooling Unit by CellarPro Cooling Systems

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Recommended when the cooling unit will be installed in a wine cellar, a 1/2" ID condensate fitting and 8-foot clear vinyl tube allows overflow condensation to exit from the bottom of the cooling unit.
This hood fits over the front of the cooling unit, and acts as a plenum to capture return air from the wine cellar. The cellar must be located directly below the wine cooling unit. Create two openings in the ceiling of the wine cellar, one (using this hood) for return air and one (below the exhaust fan) for supply air. Other than this, the cold side of 1800 cooling units must never be ducted and they must be installed in a conditioned environment to prevent condensation and damage to the control panel. For this reason, it is also recommended to add the remote control/display panel to eliminate the risk of damage from moisture.
When the wine cooling unit will be installed in a wine cellar with hot, humid conditions, this 100W heating element is designed to burn off excess moisture. This must be combined with either the bottom or rear condensate drain line add-on.
This pair of clips can attach anywhere along the front of CellarPro 1800 cooling units and offer pre-drilled slots for bolting to the ceiling of your wine cellar. The ceiling must have appropriate framing/backing to carry the weight of the cooling unit.
Choose this add-on if you wish to plug in your unit inside the wine cellar. This modification has the cord exiting on the left side of the unit nearer the front. Without this modification, your power cord will exit the back of your unit to be plugged in outside of the wine cellar.
Recommended when the cooling unit will be installed in a wine cellar, a 1/2" ID condensate fitting and 8-foot clear vinyl tube allows overflow condensation to exit from the rear of the cooling unit.

This hood with inline fan attaches to the rear/hot side of the unit and allows for the exhaust air and fresh air intake to be ducted up to 100 equivalent feet (50 feet per duct). Ducting is not included.

This kit includes the hood, inline fan and 2 x 25 foot runs of insulated ducting. The hood attaches to the rear/hot side of the unit and allows for the exhaust air and fresh air intake to be ducted.
Choose this complementary option if you'd like your unit to exhaust from the top, instead of the standard rear venting configuration. Fresh air intake will still be from the rear of the unit.
Add this option if using the bottle probe and you need to add up to 25ft of cord length.
Add this option if using the bottle probe and you need to add up to 50ft of cord length.
Add this option if the units fresh air intake will be as low as 20°F. 
Add this option if the units fresh air intake will be below 20°F.

This option is strongly recommended for installations where the unit and its built-in display/control panel is not visible within the wine cellar. This panel will allow you to monitor and adjust unit settings from the location of your choice and is hard-wired to the unit (10 feet of wiring included – please contact us after ordering if you require extra wiring length)

Add this option for units that are not ducted on the hot side. Adheres to unit with magnetic strips. Avoid a future separate order when it comes time to change the disposable filter that comes with the unit.
This option is strongly recommended for the most accurate temperature measurement and is absolutely necessary when the unit is ducted into the cellar. The probe can either measure air temperature or liquid temperature inside a bottle. The probe end will cork a wine bottle to blend into your cellar. This item comes with 10 feet of cord.
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IMPORTANT: Please be sure to review the add-on options above to confirm you have all accessories necessary for your particular installation. Many are factory-installed and difficult to accommodate as a separate purchase/installation.

The CellarPro 1800XTS-EC cooling unit was designed for cooling wine cellars up to 400 cubic feet (assuming fully-insulated/vapor barriered walls/ceiling and no glass). Contact us for a thermal load calculation if you have glass to confirm if this unit is suitable for you.

The CellarPro 1800XTS-EC unit has a new and improved EC fan for maximum efficiency and quiet operation.

CellarPro 1800XTS-EC units are the capacity as Breezaire 2200 and Wine-Mate 2500 cooling units, making them a suitable option for replacement. Please confirm dimensions and airflow match up before ordering.

Note that CellarPro 1800XTS-EC cooling unit comes standard with rear ventilation. If you'd prefer hot air exhaust from the top of the unit, choose the Top Exhaust Option under Add-Ons.

All air-cooled cooling units require fresh air intake to dissipate the heat generated by the cooling unit. The fresh air intake CANNOT come from the wine cellar/cabinet space - it must come from space outside the wine cellar/cabinet.

Specifications & Installation

  • Cooling Capacity
  • 1886 BTU/h at 55°F
  • Dimensions
  • 18” w x 16 1/2” d x 10 1/2” h
  • Weight
  • 60 lbs
  • Sound
  • 54 dBA (rear)
  • Power/Rating
  • 115V AC / 60 Hz
  • Compressor Amps:
  • - Startup (LRA): 22.2 Amps
  • - Running: 3.6 Amps
  • - Total Watts: 319
  • - Requires Dedicated 15-Amp Circuit (surge protector recommended)

Shipping Information

Orders of this item are typically shipped anywhere from 3 - 10 business days from the date of order. If you would like a more specific estimate, please contact us.

Smaller refrigeration units will be shipped by common carrier such as Fedex or UPS. Larger refrigeration units or systems will be shipped on a pallet via an LTL freight carrier and delivered curbside with a power tailgate. Shipping may take anywhere from 1 - 2 weeks, depending on your location.

Please note: If this unit is on backorder or subject to longer lead times, it will be noted at the top of the page, below the product title.

Warranty Details

This product is warrantied by Cellar Pro Cooling Systems.

For five years from the date of purchase, your CellarPro warranty covers the internal compressor if it proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. In addition, for two years from the date of purchase, your CellarPro warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or replace any components in the wine cooling unit that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship.

For all products covered by the terms of this warranty, CellarPro will repair or replace the original cooling unit with a new or refurbished cooling unit and, once replaced, the original cooling unit must be returned to CellarPro.

All service provided by CellarPro under the above warranty must be performed by CellarPro or a designated repair facility unless otherwise specified by CellarPro. Purchaser is responsible for shipping the wine cooling unit to and from CellarPro or to and from a designated repair facility, and for removing and reinstalling the wine cooling unit from the wine cellar.

The limited warranty applies only to wine cooling units purchased from the factory or an authorized dealer. Damage caused by others or by any cause beyond the control of CellarPro, shall not be considered defects in material or workmanship and are not covered by the warranty. The limited warranty does not cover any parts or labor to correct any defect caused by negligence, commercial use, accident or improper use, maintenance, installation, service or repair.


Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights, which vary from state to state.

To receive parts and/or service and the name of a CellarPro designated repair facility nearest you, contact your CellarPro dealer. You may also contact CellarPro directly by calling us at 1.877.726.8496.


Configuration Options

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  • CellarPro 1800 series cooling units are self-contained and fully-charged. They are designed to be installed through-the-wall or just above the cellar in an air-conditioned space (ie. not a hot attic or other unconditioned space)
  • 1800 series units cannot be front ducted but certain models (XT and XTS) offer rear ducting with the purchase of the rear duct hood or rear duct kit add-on.
  • On the cold side, this unit intakes from the front and exhausts cold air from the bottom (so the front 8 inches of the cooling unit must be inside the cellar.)
  • This unit requires fresh air intake at the rear.
  • If the fresh air intake (on the hot side) will receive air below below 40°F, you will require a compressor heater (see add-on options above).
  • If the fresh air intake (on the hot side) will pull air below 20°F, down to -20°F, you must add both the compressor heater and fan cycling switch (see add-on options above).
  • This unit must always be installed and operated in an upright position.