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VINdustry Label View Single Bottle Deep Wine Pegs (Pair)

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This driver comes in super handy for installations of VINdustry wine pegs with 50mm or 70mm wood anchor bolts. Screw the wood anchor bolt into the driver and affix to your drill. This method of installation will save you a ton of installation time!

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VINdustry wine pegs are a popular solution for modern wine storage and label view display. Create unique wine wall layouts by positioning VINdustry wine pegs at your desired spacing and location.

This pair of VINdustry wine rack pegs supports and displays one standard 750ml wine bottle. Most 1.5L Magnum bottles can also be accommodated with increased spacing between pegs (see specs and installation tab).

Choose from 4 high end finishes:

Discontinued clearance finishes: Black anodized aluminum with black rubber rings are available at a discount while stock lasts. Please note that discontinued finishes are not returnable.
New updated finishes without rubber rings including matte black, polished aluminum and gold. 

VINdustry wine pegs can be mounted in a variety of ways with appropriate hardware:

Standard bolts that mount through the back side of a ¾” panel (plywood or high density MDF core is recommended for proper stability). The bolts will be installed onto the panel and then the panel mounted to the wall. You must have access to the back of the panel to affix the pegs with these bolts.

50mm anchor bolts – choose these if anchoring directly into wood or high-density MDF that is a minimum of 3/4" thick or if your plywood or MDF substrate material is cladded with up to 10mm of other material you must drill through first (eg. 10mm acrylic material on top of plywood backing).

70mm anchor bolts – choose these if your plywood or MDF substrate material is cladded with a thicker material, up to 30mm, you must drill through first (eg. 30mm of tile on top of plywood backing).

Masonry anchor bolts - choose these if you are mounting your pegs into a concrete wall and will achieve 3/4" embedment into the concrete.

Note that VINdustry pegs are NOT suitable for mounting to drywall, unless there is plywood directly behind the drywall that wood anchor bolts can mount into. In this case, choose the 70mm wood anchor bolts option.

VINdustry Wine Pegs Installation, Simplified

VINdustry peg and panel kits make installation a breeze and limit holes in the wall.

These versatile and innovative modular kits provide a choice of 2 wall panel finishes, combined with your preferred VINdustry peg finish and depth.

From LED lighting, to panel finishes, to size selection, and more, you’ll discover creativity, elegance, and versatility. With VINdustry peg and panel kits, add “wow” to your space, without the worry of complicated installation.

Specifications & Installation

  • 1 Bottle Deep = 1 x 750ml or 1.5L wine bottle
  • 2 Bottles Deep = 2 x 750ml wine bottle
  • 3 Bottles Deep = 3 x 750ml wine bottle
  • Allow 13" for 750ml Bottles & 15" for 1.5L Bottles (single deep pegs only)
  • 1 Bottle Deep = 3 3/8"
  • 2 Bottles Deep = 7 1/8"
  • 3 Bottles Deep = 10 7/8"
  • 3/4"

Shipping Information

For Orders Shipping to Canadian Addresses:
VINdustry wine pegs are typically shipped within 1 – 3 business days. Orders will be shipped by Canada Post ExpressPost or Fedex Ground Service. You will receive tracking information once your order has been dispatched.

For Orders Shipping to US Addresses:
VINdustry wine pegs are typically shipped within 1 – 3 business days. Orders will be shipped by Fedex International Ground Service. You will receive tracking information once your order has been dispatched.

Outside of Canada or the US? Your order will ship by DHL courier. Please note that prices quoted and charged for shipping during checkout are for transportation of goods only. You will be responsible for paying any potential duties, taxes or other import-related charges directly to DHL, prior to delivery.

Warranty Details

This product is warrantied by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

All VINdustry wine pegs and wine pegs and panel kits come with a two-year warranty against corrosion and deterioration. For sales of pegs only, this warranty presumes proper installation to a suitable substrate material, capable of supporting the hardware and wine bottles. Improper installation can result in the failure of the mounting hardware. Damages due to improper installation are not covered under this warranty. For sales of peg and panel kits, proper installation using appropriate anchors for drywall is required. Failure to follow these requirements will void the warranty.

When making a warranty claim, photos of the pegs/hardware/panels must be included along with detailed quantities and pieces affected. Return of the damaged product may be requested. Replacement of the damaged product will be processed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars as soon as possible with standard ground shipping included.

This warranty is limited to replacement parts and does not cover related property nor contents damage.

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