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Quality Construction:

  • Made in Canada since 1986
  • Embossed heavy gauge aluminum
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Designed to commercial standards
  • Evaporator has industrial tube thickness and is dip-coated to resist pitting (a 7-step ElectroFin process)
  • Robust Gernman-engineered hermetic compressor with internal and external vibration isolators
  • Oversized cupro-nickel coaxial condenser for efficient heat transfer and superior resistance to chlorinated water supply.
  • German-engineered and constructed scroll cage blower for quiet, maintenance free operation.
  • Pressure-activated water valve for automatic water flow regulation, ensuring water-conservation and high-efficiency operation.
  • Stainless steel expansion valve automatically regulates the flow of refrigerant to maximize efficiency and minimize dehumidification.

Clever & Thoughtful Design

  • Internal condensate pump means no need for a gravity drain. The pump is also equipped with safety switch to disable equipment operation in the event of pump failure.
  • Non-marking rubber isolators minimize sound transfer and vibration.
  • Wired remote digital thermostat/controller for accurate cellar temperature control, complete with on/off switch.
  • Refrigerant filter dryer protects and keeps refrigerant system operating optimally.

Optimal Versatility & Ease of Installation

  • Quiet and compact but powerful enough to cool properly constructed wine cellars (R20 insulation) as large as 2,000 cubic feet.
  • Can be hidden within wine cellar millwork.
  • Can be connected to a closed loop, chilled water or geothermal system with inlet temperatures up to 95°F.
  • Can be connected to domestic cold water (although flow is internally regulated to ensure water conservation it is recommended to verify with local authorities regarding any limitation or prohibitions of the use of domestic water supply).
  • No need to worry about ventilation or hot air exhaust.
  • System is self-contained and no HVAC technician is required for installation, potentially saving thousands of dollars.
  • System plugs into a standard electrical receptacle on a dedicated 15 amp circuit. No need to employ an electrician to hard wire connections.

Optimized Serviceability

  • Removable panels provide easy access for all servicing requirements.
  • Refrigerant sight glass included for visual diagnosis of system operation.
  • Refrigerant access fittings are on the high an low sides of the compressor.


  • CSA certified to Canadian and US standards.
  • Extensive quality control testing including 24-hour pressure test
  • Environmentall-friendly R134a refrigerant
  • High and low pressure safety switches disable the unit, preventing compressor failure if pressures fall below or rise above pre-set limits.
  • Internal self-resetting temperature switch disables the unit if the compressor cavity exceeds normal operating temperature range.