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  • CellarPro 1800XTSx series cooling units are self-contained and fully-charged. They are designed to be installed through an exterior wall.
  • 1800XTSx wine cellar cooling units cannot be front or rear ducted. If you wish to rear duct an 1800 series unit to outside where temperatures will go below 40°F, choose the 1800XTS unit with rear ducting kit and compressor heating. Also include the fan cycling switch for temperatures that will go below 20°F.
  • On the cold side, this unit intakes from the front and exhausts cold air from the bottom (so the front 8 inches of the cooling unit must be inside the cellar.)
  • This unit requires fresh air intake at the rear and also exhausts from the rear.
  • If the fresh air intake (on the hot side) will pull air below 20°F, down to -20°F, you must add the fan cycling switch (see add-on options above).
  • This unit must always be installed and operated in an upright position.