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Cooling Capacity:


3000 BTU/h

Unit Dimensions:

9 1/8″ H x 15 1/2″ W x 15″ D

Wall Cutout Dimensions:

15 5/8″ W x 9 3/8″ H

Outer Grill Cover Dimensions (outside of cellar):

18 1/2" W x 10 1/2" H

Note that the grill is an opaque white colour and can be spray painted to your color of choice.

42 lbs


115V AC / 60 Hz


Plug into a 3 prong, grounded outlet on a dedicated 15-Amp Circuit

Please note the following very important installation requirements/details:

  • Unit must be installed upright with sufficient clearance for airflow on all sides (see clearance requirements)
  • Do not modify the exterior grille cover in any way other than painting. Do not design and install a substitute grille cover.
  • Do not attempt to build a structure of any type underneath the unit inside your wine cellar. This includes structures with openings for ventilation. The airflow of the KoolR Magnum unit has been engineered in such a way that any obstruction will negatively impact performance and could lead to icing up or failure of the unit. You cannot "hide" or "cover up" the unit inside the wine cellar in any way.
  • The maximum thickness of the wall the unit mounts through can be 7". If the wall is any thicker, the vents on the side of the unit will be obstructed.
  • This unit is designed to mount through an interior wall to a well-ventilated space that is at least as large as your wine cellar (if no glass and properly insulated) and much larger if your wine cellar includes glass in its construction. The ambient temperature cannot exceed 80°F.
  • The power cord for the KoolR Magnum comes off the left side of the unit when standing inside your wine cellar, looking at the unit coming through the wall. Installing your electrical receptacle to the left of the unit, inside your wine cellar is recommended. Do not use an extension cord to power the unit.


Installation Resource Documents

Installation Manual Use and Care Guide
Installation Clearance Requirements