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Floor to Ceiling Wine Racking

Nothing touches the wall. Get creative with wall treatments or even glass!

Barely There, Like Floating on Air

The Float wine display system is a top choice when it comes to modern, minimalist wine displays.

Why Choose Floor-to-Ceiling Wine Racking?

To Install In Front of Glass

Glass wine cellars or wine walls are more popular than ever! Floor-to-ceiling mounted wine racks are necessary when you can't mount into glass. They also create a beautiful display looking through the glass AND into the cellar.

To Install In Front of a Textured Wall

Have a stone wall or other uneven/textured wall cladding ? Floor-to-ceiling mounted wine racking saves the day! Preserve delicate tiles, save mega-hours on installation and make your creative wall cladding possible when nothing anchors into it.

To Create a Floating Effect

Floor-to-ceiling mounted wine racking systems create the illusion of wine bottles floating in air, especially with minimalist solutions such as Float wine racking.

Like wine pegs but can't mount to the wall?


Pair with Floor-to-Ceiling Frames

The original label view wine rack can be paired with frames to mount floor-to-ceiling. Mount racks on one or both sides!

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