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Millesime Wine Racks

Simple & Sophisticated

Streamline Series

Linear rails display bottles label forward. Choose from 1, 2 or 3 bottles deep and 1 - 9 bottles wide.

A Minimalist Solution

Floating Bottles Series

Millesime wine racks, minimized. Staggered pegs replace post-to-post rails.

Choose your Millesime Wine Rack Finishes

Clear Aluminum

The original Millesime finish, clear anodized aluminum rails and mounting posts have a soft silver-like finish.

Black Aluminum

Go bold with upgraded black anodized aluminum rails and mounting posts.

Clear Lacquered Walnut

Choose this more natural finish for your end blocks to add warmth to your wine display.

Black Lacquered Walnut

Go black and bold with your end blocks for more masculine wine displays.

Clear Acrylic

Create a wine display that's light and airy with clear acrylic end blocks.

Simple Installation

Minimal Mounting Points

Vertical mounting posts anchor into the floor at the bottom and then either back to the wall or into the ceiling at the top. Get creative with your wall treatment as this wine display system won't impact it!

Choose your Capacity

1, 2, or 3 Bottles Deep

Most Millesime wine racks are available in 1, 2 or 3 bottles deep. Go single depth for simple displays or amp up the capacity with triple bottle depth.

Mix It Up

Showcase Special Bottles

A presentation row flips bottles 90 degrees and displays them as a Sommelier would. Presentation rows are available in the Showcase, Display and All-Star series.

Amp It Up

Add U Shelves

Stack bottles, create unique displays or store bottles in their beautiful wood case with U shelves. U shelves are available in the U-Shelf and All-Star series.

Get Inspired

Check Out the Millesime Gallery

See how others have configured and installed their Millesime wine racks.

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