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Wall Mounted Metal Wine Racks

Simple and space-saving, wall-mounted wine racks display bottles beautifully.

Matte Black & Minimal

Vino Mode

Display bottles label forward for a simple decorative piece, or rack an entire wine cellar with easy-to-find wines.

Get Specific With

Wall Mounted Wine Pegs

Place and space bottles as you like with individually wall-mounted VINdustry wine pegs.

Simple Display or Maximized Storage Potential?

One Bottle Deep

Great for simple, short-term displays and unrefrigerated wine storage.

Two Bottles Deep

A medium capacity solution, great for racking wine walls and cellars where depth is still a concern.

Three Bottles Deep

The collector's choice. Perfect for maximizing bottle storage capacity and minimizing per-bottle storage cost.

Get Inspired

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See how others have incorported wall-mounted metal wine racks into their cellars or created wine displays.

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