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Modern Wine Walls Simplified

VINdustry kits combine wine pegs and acrylic wall panels for a sleek look, simple installation and affordable price.

Throw a Design Curve

Curved VINdustry wine peg and panel kits present a budget-friendly solution with major wow-factor. No one will know it wasn't a custom fabrication!

Installation as Simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Mount

Affix the back panel to your wall. Drywall anchors are supplied if you don't have backing behind your drywall.

2. Place

After screwing in the bolts, place the finished acrylic face panel in front of the back panel.

3. Twist

Twist the pegs on to the bolts to secure the face panel in place and complete your installation!


Light It Up

Create a glowing edge effect by adding perimeter LED strip lighting.

Combine Kits to Create Your Own Unique Wine Wall

Put panels together for larger sections & more substantial displays