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Protect your Wine in Style

Vinopro Designer Series wine fridges provide a simple, plug-and-play wine storage solution, guaranteed to impress.

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Key Features of the Vinopro DS490 Designer Series Wine Fridge

Label View Shelving

Practical for finding bottles without opening the door, spacing of the full exension shelves is flexible enough to accommodate almost any 750ml bottle, even most Champagnes!

Locking Door

Discreet lock with key is found just below the door. No more unexpectedly missing bottles!

Fan Circulated Cooling

Fans ensure even cooling and sufficient airflow throughout the wine fridge for optimal climate conditions.

Simple, Single Temperature Zone Controls

Did you know ALL wine should be stored at the same temperature; we only drink reds & whites at different service temperatures?

Set your Vinopro Designer Series wine fridge between 13 - 16°C (55 - 60°F) and rest easy knowing it will mature as the producer intended.