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36 Bottle VintageView W Series Wine Rack (WS43)

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VintageView W series metal wine racks showcase your wine wall with label-forward bottles. These racks also look fantastic in glass wine cellars. 

Choose from 5 wine storage rack finishes. Matte black racks come with black rubber tips and screw cap covers. Brushed nickel racks come with grey rubber tips and screw cap covers. For a more luxurious finish, choose Chrome Luxe, Gunmetal Luxe or Golden Bronze Luxe for machine rounded tips and plated screw cap covers and couplers.

Mount directly to the wall or combine with floor-and-ceiling frames to create a display that floats off the wall. Anchors for drywall installation are included.

Join with other VintageView W series wine racks for taller columns. For example, stack two of these racks to make an 8 foot tall column, or pair it with a 27 bottle VintageView W Series Wine Rack (WS33) to make a 7 foot tall column. Couplers are provided with every wall series wine rack to allow for a seamless connection to other wall series wine racks. 

View your labels - not your corks. With Vintage View W series wine racking, you’ll be bringing the “wow” factor to any space. The innovative design of each rack allows you to identify bottles, display labels, and maintain optimal wine storage conditions.

With their reliable and contemporary steel construction, you’ll be able to store more bottles than an average wine rack, while allowing for faultless airflow and storage temperatures.

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial storage, Vintage View wine racks are versatile and easy to install and maintain. With their flexible construction, they can be erected in a variety of locations, including pantries, hallways, cabinets, cellars, or beneath staircases.

Specifications & Installation

  • Height
  • 48"
  • Width
  • Allow a minimum of 13” (bottles are wider than the rack)
  • Depth
  • 12"
  • Bottle Storage Capacity
  • 36 x 750ml wine bottles

Contact us to discuss your vision, so that we can begin to unite you with your perfect wine cellar solution, tailored to your taste!

Vintage View W Series wine racks are available in one, two, and three bottle depths, along with a selection of durable and modern finishes to choose from. This includes matte black, brushed nickel, golden bronze, gunmetal, and chrome.

These reliable and sturdy racks are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Vintage View: because your wine collection deserves to be stored in quality and style.

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