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Project Feature: Contemporary Wine Cellar with Gold Racking

This wine cellar goes for the gold combining the Float Wine Display System and VINdustry Wine Peg & Panel Kits.

This North Vancouver home was going through a remodel to bring all the

Focal Wall with Float Wine Racking in Gold

finishings up-to-date and the wine cellar was no exception. The goal was to modernize the wine racking and display features while still keeping it warm and inviting. 

For reference, this cellar measures 12' 10" long x 5'8" wide x 7 feet tall. There is a partial slope in the ceiling in one corner. The total wine bottle storage capacity is 636. 

Creating a Feature Wine Wall

The main focus of this cellar is the far end wall, most visible when you first step into the room, but also through the glass entry door. The minimalist Float wine display system was chosen to highlight and display up to 15 bottles as if floating in air. All hardware was finished in a beautiful muted gold tone and glass cradles that hold the bottles were selected in grey to blend seamlessly with the charcoal wall behind.

Building up Bottle Storage Capacity

On both side walls, VINdustry Wine Peg and Panel Kits were installed, stacking 2, 3 foot tall rectangular panels vertically to make 6 foot columns. Triple bottle deep pegs were selected for maximized storage capacity. The pegs are coated in the same gold finish as the hardware in the Float display system in front of the feature wall. In total, 23 panel kits were installed for a total storage capacity of 621 bottles. 

Choosing Finishes

Float Wine Racking in Gold

This wine cellar had an originally finished floor that the owner wished to preserve, featuring a charcoal slate tile perimeter framing engineered hardwood flooring with a cooperage wine barrel veneer. This was the material all others materials were coordinated with.

To match the dark tone of the tile, black acrylic panel were chosen for the side walls and grey glass was selected for the Float wine display system. To have the glass blend with the wall behind, the wall was painted in a dark charcoal colour. On the side walls, to add interest, a contrasting lighter taupe colour was chosen. 

In both the Float wine racking and peg and panel kits, gold hardware was selected to bring warmth and sparkle to the space and tie into the warmer tones of the wood flooring.

Lighting it Up

LED Perimeter Lighting

The lighting in this wine cellar was a combination of form and function. The brightness of the LED strips provided enough ambient room lighting but the installation of the strips matching the perimeter frame of the flooring and reflected in the ceiling was a design feature that added strength and movement to the cellar.

Each 6 foot peg and panel column on the side walls was installed on a slightly smaller stand off panel with LED lighting run around the edge. This created a glowing perimeter of each panel column to create a more dramatic mood. See how this accent lighting installation is completed here

All lighting in this cellar is LED so it emits little to no heat. All lighting is also dimmable so the owner can turn up the brightness when searching out bottles or organizing his collection and he can turn it down for a softer, atmospheric glow.

Looking to Create a Similar Look in your Cellar?

Reach out to our design team for a complimentary consultation or shop Float wine display and VINdustry peg and panel kits products online.

Modern Wine Cellar with Float Wine Racking and VINdustry Wine Pegs