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Stylish Residential Wine Cellar in Canada with Wood and Metal Racking

You will envy this residential wine cellar designed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars for a client in Canada. By combining contemporary and traditional features, we were able to transform a small basement into a “wow” worthy wine storage and display area. Learn about the features we incorporated into the design to add flair to the space.

Seeking the Help of a Master Wine Cellar Builder: a Smart Choice

You cannot avoid wine storage problems if you do not have a climate-controlled wine room for your wines. If you want to enjoy your favorite vintages for many years to come, you must work with a master builder like Blue Grouse Wine Cellars.

We have been designing and building residential wine cellars in Canada. With the goal of exceeding the expectations of their clients, we gained the trust of homeowners, contractors, and interior designers. In West Vancouver, a wine collector sought our help because they wanted to transform the basement in their home into a functional wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Construction: Assessment, Challenges, Design, and Wine Storage Solution

Building a wine cellar requires technical skills and knowledge. Hiring a professional will ensure that everything is in place as expected. At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we will help build your dream wine room, regardless of your room’s size and budget. Before starting the construction, we always make a careful assessment of our client’s needs and requirements.

Assessment: a Crucial Step in Wine Cellar Construction

A professional wine cellar builder must understand that the assessment of the space and storage requirements should not be skipped. This step plays a vital role in creating a wine storage facility that can preserve your wine’s desirable characteristics. It helps us choose the best wine racks, cooling system, flooring, and door for your needs. Moreover, it also helps determine the budget to complete the project.

Here are some of the factors we consider when making an assessment:

  • Location, size, and shape of the room
  • Number of bottles intended to be stored in the cellar
  • Client’s aesthetic and functional requirements

The shape and size of the space are a common challenge in constructing wine rooms. For this particular project, the area we had to convert into a wine cellar was small and has an unusual shape.

With extensive experience and knowledge building wine cellars, our team was able to create a striking design to accommodate more or less 350 bottles in various racking configurations.

We also had to stay within the budget without compromising the aesthetics and functionality of the wine room. To help achieve our goals and exceed the client’s expectations, we made a careful assessment and chose the best components to install.

Creating the Residential Design Wine Cellar Design for a Home in Canada

After the assessment, the next step is to create 3-dimensional drawings that show the different elevations, room dimensions, racking styles, and bottle capacities. These CAD images help us visualize the completed wine room.

Our design package is free if you decide to work with us on your next project. You will be given the opportunity to make changes to the drawings that are submitted to you. After your approval, we will begin installing the components (wine racks, cooling unit, door, and lighting).

Residential Wine Cellar Rendering Canada Project

Residential Custom Wine Cellar 3D Design
Wine Rack Design on the Back Wall

Starting the Wine Cellar Construction

After selecting the components that would suit the needs of the owner for this particular project, we started framing the room and did electrical work. We also created an airtight seal by installing a vapor barrier and correct insulation in the walls and ceiling.

Room insulation prevents the cold air from leaving and the warm air from entering the wine cellar. It helps avoid temperature fluctuations that can cause wine faults and varying humidity levels that can cause mold growth.

Looking into wine cellar looking at back and right walls.

Features of the Custom Wine Racks

The style and material of your wine racks are essential in achieving the overall appeal that you want in your wine room. You may opt for readily built wine racks if you are on a tight budget. However, they will not be designed to fit your space perfectly. For this particular project, we customized the wine racks and installed them on the back and right walls.

Combining Modern and Traditional Wine Racks Lead to a Gorgeous Residential Wine Cellar Design

Since the owner wanted a transitional style wine cellar, we decided to incorporate wood and metal wine racks into the residential wine cellar design we created for a homeowner in Canada. The metal wine racks were manufactured by VintageView while the wooden cabinet was made by Millwork Shop, our partner for this project. The result was amazing!

Right Wall With Metal Wine Racks

Metal Wine Racks on the Right Wall with bottles.

The right wall consists of VintageView metal wine racks. The double-deep floor to ceiling metal racking in Satin black finish displays the bottles in a label forward orientation.

The main advantage of this type of wine rack is that it allows for ease of access to the wines. Since the labels are facing out, the owner does not have to flip the bottle to see the content’s description.

Also, metal wine racks by VintageView look elegant and add a luxurious appeal to the space. There is no doubt they are a favorite wine storage option in wine cellar construction.

Back Wall: Wooden Component

Back Wall Wooden Wine Rack with wine on display

The focal point of this home wine cellar is the back wall. It catches the eye easily because the racking features are elegant.

We installed custom-built and finished cabinetry on the back wall. The top section consists of a single-column individual bottle wine rack for magnum and champagne bottles, and a quarter round shelf on the left and right sides, which provides a stylish way to store and display a few bottles and wine accessories. We also added a tabletop to provide a space for decanting and serving wine.

The center of the back wall has stonework completed after the millwork. It adds character and a luxurious appeal to the wine room.

At the bottom section, we incorporated LED-lit display rows pitched at an angle to keep the cork moist. We also installed an LED lighting system at the top of the custom cabinet. We installed diamond bins for bulk storage on both sides. We constructed the wine racks in Maple and finished them with Wild Brown custom stain finish and lacquer.

Wine Refrigeration System, Door, and Flooring

For this particular project, we utilized the KoolR refrigeration system. The unit was an ideal choice for the size of the room and the budget of the client. We mounted it through the wall off to the side of the door because of the low ceiling.

We installed an exterior grade door and made sure that there were no gaps around the edges to help create a stable environment. The door has a glass window to allow viewing from outside the cellar.

We utilized the Cooperage style wine barrel flooring, a favorite option of wine collectors in Canada who want to add a unique feature into their residential wine cellar design. You can see the cooperage stamps on some of the planks.

Hire an Expert in Designing Residential Wine Cellars in Canada

This particular project is another pride of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. We created a residential wine cellar design for a basement in Canada with form and function in mind. We maximized the storage capacity and exceeded the expectation of the owner using unique and eco-friendly features.

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